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With great fame comes the danger of a very large ego. We all know the athletes who have made headlines over the years with their childish acts, their selfish behaviour and they???re incredible lack of hubris. Allen Iverson and his ???practice man, practice??? comes to mind. Ricky Henderson and his ???Today I am the greatest of all time??? is another. Not a day goes by without some headline screaming out another misdeed by another overpaid, infamous athlete. I suppose there is a universal inverse correlation between the amount of money one makes and the level a maturity someone displays. Donald Trump perhaps you should take a good look at this video blog? But that???s another topic for another time. Today, we???re going to concentrate on some happier times, we???re going to talk about someone who exemplifies how a professional athlete should behave whether times are good, or when times are bad. Roy Halladay, the all world, future hall of famer pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays showed why he is considered one of the classiest guys in professional sports today. Here???s brief press conference from the man himself. Roy is an intensely private man, in a world where any publicity is good publiciy, Mr. Halladay simply backs his moxy with action. This former Cy Young Award winner exemplies the notion of hard and discipline. And he ensures that as a role model to the young fans of Toronto, he gives them his time as well. I can remember watching in before a game at the Rogers Center signing autographs for scores of kids before an evening game. Always smiling, always making those kids feel special. Now he???s not the only one, I hear Hideki Matsui is a charmer, I hear George St. Pierre and Chris Bosh always act like gentlemen. And this begs the question, why can???t every athletes act like Mr. Roy Halladay? Here on, I???m going to do these athletes a small favour (please make sure the cheque is in the mail by today gentlemen) Suggestion 1: Let???s set up a mini camp for all new athletes to teach them the finer points of gentleman etiquette. Smile, don???t call kids names and don???t swear on camera. Please and thank you and have them walk with a book on their head, you know for good posture. Suggestion 2: Set up a ???swear jar??? or a ???misbehaviour jar??? for every athlete who signs a contract. Anyone who gets caught swearing on camera, giving fans the finger or getting caught drinking and driving has to put in 50,000k in to that jar! Suggestion 3: With some proper motivation, I think their behaviour can be curbed???.electric shock is too archaic, smack on the head sets the wrong message, I know???10 lap dance tickets to Scores for every 1 month the athletes behave themselves!...athough they???d probably lose a few 100k to the ???misbehaviour jar??? every time they go to redeem their ???prize!??? aka, Adam Pacman Jones! Oh hell just have everyone hire a Roger Goodell look alike and let that control freak go nuts! Ha ha ha??? In any case today is about Roy Halladay. Roy, if you???re watching this video, let me just sign off by say this. Thank you for the years of service, thank you for allowing me to stomach terrible baseball in Toronto for 10 years and thank you for making a team that JP Ricciardi butchered actually look half decent. I wish you a World Series ring in Philadelphia, Oh???and one word of advice, if the Philies organization has any inclination of hiring one JP Ricciardi in any role possible, just say ???No comment??? on a referenc check! This is Megatron, come check out my profile on


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