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Now Batting For The San Francisco Giants.....Alex Rodriguez!

A-Rod is having a monster season. These are his #s as of the writing of this blog.

.304 AVG, 39 HRs, 115 RBIs, 111 Runs, 137 Hits, 16 SBs, 27 Doubles, 281 TBs, .411 OBP, .623 SLG

Fantastic numbers and the season isn't even over yet. In my mind, he is the MVP. You can make a case for Maggs of the Detriot Tigers, but A-Rod has him beat in most of the offensive categories. Now as we all know by now, A-Rod can opt out of his monster contract at the end of this season. If he does, he will be on everyone's radar. As he should be. Cashman has already come out and said he will not go after chasing A-Rod and giving him a blank check. A-Rod is currently still under a $252 million contract. Let me say this first, it was a horrible, HORRIBLE, move by Cashman to say this now. When the Yanks are in the middle of fighting for a playoff spot and A-Rod is having a ridiculous year, that is the last thing you wanna hear from Cashman. This is the basic play-out of his current contract:

Rodriguez-Owed $24 Million From The Yanks For The Next 3 Years With Texas Offsetting $21.3 Million Of That.

That is if he doesn't opt out. Texas is praying he opts out so they can stop paying for most of the contract. And in the words of Brian Cashman,

"We lose all our money from Texas,"

Now, the way I see it, I think there is a 75% chance A-Rod is gone after the season. They're 2 sides to this:

#1.) A-Rod Stays- Why would he stay? Well, it is not as crazy as you might think. A-Rod cares too much about what people think about him. If he opts out, everyone will say he couldn't handle the biggest stage, he couldn't cut it in NY, he folded, he ran away. A-Rod wouldn't like that talk. He said he loves it here(at least that is what he said) and he wants to stay here for the rest of his career. Another reason is the Yanks always have a shot at the WS. With the money they have, they always do.

#2.) A-Rod Leaves- This event makes more sense. If he leaves, he would wind up getting $25-$30 million for 7 years. A mindblowing contract. And it helps to have Scott Boras as your agent. That's the thing, money. And a change of scenery would be nice for him. Away from the media and the pressure of NY. And like I said before, alot of teams will try for him.

So If The 2nd Event Does Take Place, Where Will He Go?

We don't know yet. But, if I had a gun to my head. I would say the Giants. Now, they're many reasons why I think the Giants will end up with A-Rod. I'll list them for you. Everyone loves lists:

1.) Barry Bonds Is Leaving At The End Of The Season- At least I think he is. I can't imagine why the Giants would still want him. The record is broken, the hype is over, the team needs to move on. He has been the face of the team(and much bigger than the team) for long enough now. Where will he go, you ask? Another list coming at ya:

The A's- I thnk this is the most likely destination for Barry. Think about it. The past 2 years, the A's have picked up 2 old veterens with pop: Frank Thomas and Mike Piazza. Bonds will be the perfect guy for the A's. He'll put more butts in the seats, he can still hit, and he'll be the DH. and the A's can use more hitting.

The Angels- The Angels are always in the running for a big slugger but never pull the trigger. Bonds isn't what he once was, but he would help the Angels. They could use a lefthanded power bat who give some protection for Vlad. Much more than Gary Matthews Jr. And the DH factor.

The Tigers- It would be nice for Bonds to play under a manager that he knows well(Jim Leyland managed the Pirates when Bonds played for them before he went to the Giants). The Giants would like some more pop, now that Craig Monroe has been let go.

The Padres- Hear me out: Bonds has been killing the Padres for years. The Padres have the lowest BA in MLB(.244 as of now) and 5th last in runs(529 runs). Bonds will get this team some much needed juice(no pun intended) and he won't cost much. But this is a longshot since Bonds would have to play the field and Padre fans can't stand him.

Thats it for this list. Back to the bigger list:

2.) The Giants Need To Move In A New Direction- The Giants started to move in a different direction with the huge signing of Barry Zito(who has been a disappointment this year so far). But, it was still a good move in the sense that it it showed the Giants are serious about moving along in the future. The AVG age of thier position players is 33. Way too old. While A-Rod is 32, he is younger then Omar Vizquel(who is 40) Speaking of him..

3.) Omar Vizquel- In my mind, Omar is a HOFer because he is one of the best defensive SS of all time.And the fact that he has played 19 years is alot for a SS. But, he is one of the first guys that needs to go. These are stats this year:

.244 AVG, 2 HRs, 44 RBIs, 42 Runs, 11 SBs, .301 OBP, .301 SLG

Not too good at all. Vizquel says he could play for 2 more years. He wants to play for 2 more years. His defense is still top-notch. Too bad he just can't hit anymore. It would be a bad move to keep Vizquel. Dump him and then A-Rod could play SS again. His natural position. There is one thing A-Rod wouldn't be able to get back: his old number. He was #3 for the Mariners and Rangers before he had to change to #13 because #3 is retired for Babe Ruth. He won't be able to get #3 for the Giants either. That number is retired for Bill Terry. Who had a great career.

- Career BA of .341

- He Hit .401 In 1930 Which Is The Last Time Anyone has Hit .400 In The N.L. And The Highest Season BA In Giants History

- Also Set Franchise Records For Runs Scored(139) And Hits(254) The Same Year

-  He First Became A Player Manager In 1932 And Had A Career Record Of 823-661 In 10 Years. He Managed The Team To 3 N.L. Pennants And 1 World Series

I felt I had to put that in here because I never realized how great of a baseball player he was. Very underrated.
So because of his great career, A-Rod still would wear 13. Little side note.

4.) The Giant Franchise Needs A New Face- Only 1 guy could take over for Barry and that would be A-Rod. Think about it. The current HR king will be shown the door to usher in the soon to be HR king(maybe). He would put this dead franchise on the map again. Barry Zito didn't because he is not a superstar(although he got that superstar contract). A-Rod would be the guy the Giants build around.

5.) A-Rod Will Not have As Much Pressure To Face- Actually, he won't have much pressure at all. The Giants are a team that hasn't won in quite a long time. Last time they came close was in 2002, when they lost to the Angels in 7 games in the WS. He won't be expected to win right away. If he goes to the Giants, he'll be as far away from NY as you can be. Playing on the West Coast and in the N.L. Perfect place for A-Rod.

Let me clarify this: anyone who knows me knows I'm a Yanks fan. I love em. I don't want A-Rod to go. I would love it if he stays here and overcomes everyone and shows he can make it here. He can. Just look at what he has done this year. He was by far the most important player in the first half for them. Without him, they wouldn't be close to performing a historical comeback. So do I want him to stay? Hell yes. But I don't think he will. I'll close this blog with all the other places he could end up.

The Cubs- Seems like a good place for him. The the perfect park for him because he hits most of his HRs in rightcenter. The fans would love him if he robbed a bank and A-Rod loves Sweet Lou. But the Cubs have already spent a TON of money.

The Red Sox- This isn't impossible, but I don't see it. Once again, the Red Sox have spent alot already and I don't know if many Red Sox fans would want him on the team. I'll tell you one thing: If the Red Sox do lock him up, they can't complain anymore about the Yanks getting everything under the sun. The Red Sox don't really need him.

The Dodgers- I could see this. If the Giants make a push, so would their rivals. The Dodgers are in a need for a slugger. A 3B slugger would be perfect. The Dodgers have pitching. They need hitting as much as the Devil Rays need a bullpen. But I can't see the Dodgers going crazy like that with somone. They don't do huge deals like that.

The Angels- This is another one I don't see. The Angels have already said they are not giving what Boras wants for A-Rod. And once again, they never pull the trigger anyway.

The Mets- I've heard this stupid rumor. No way in hell is he gonna be a Met. If he changes teams, he ain't gonna play in the same state. And where would the Mets put him? They don't need him. Go get pitching Omar.

That is it. I'm finally done. Comment if you wish.

P.S.- Ervin Santana Rules You



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