I hope Seth Davis is enjoying his plate full of crow this morning.  If you happened to watch any coverage on CBS before the Georgetown/UNC game, you probably heard Mr. Davis say half a dozen times how UNC would be victorious because they are so dominant in the final five minutes of action.  I wanted to beat my head against the wall each time I heard this. 

 Has he not seen Roy Williams coached teams before in big games?  They fold like lawn chairs in the final minutes of game, and yesterday was Roy's Mona Lisa.  I am not sure a team has ever played a poorer final 15 minutes (including OT) in a marquee college basketball   I firmly believe that no coach on any level has squandered more talent.  Oh, I know, I know...he's been to five final fours!  I must be crazy right?  No.  I ask how many titles has Roy Williams won?  One.  Is the better question not How many times has Roy Williams been the favorite and blown it?  Since 1990, I estimate Roy's team has been the favorite or one of, at a min. six or seven times.  Turns out, the "let's play like chickens with our heads cut off style" does not really excel at championship level basketball. 

Ask Paul Pierce, Jacque Vaughn, Kenny Gregory, Drew Gooden, Raef LaFrentz, Nick Collison, or Kirk Hinrich....all sufffered classic collapses with Roy at the helm.  My rommate, a huge UNC fan, shook his head at me for the final four minutes of action as the Tarheels crumbled like the Berlin Wall.  I told him all tournament to expect this and two minutes into overtime, he turned to me and said, "man, you we're so right, this is embarassing, yet somehow expected." 

I'm not sure I have seen worst shots taken in such a big game.  Case and point, the final possession of regulation.  Maybe Roy failed to notice, but UNC had been reaching the foul line at will throughout the game, yet when they ran the play with a little more than ten seconds left, the ball never saw inside the three point line.  Then in overtime, do they try and get Hibbert out of the game as soon as possible?  Nope.  The ball once again had an allergic reaction to the painted area while UNC held it in overtime.  Does he know you get timeouts in the OT period as well?  Lastly, the biggest peeve of the afternoon for my rommate the UNC fan, the backdoor cut.  Have they never seen such a thing at Chapel Hill?  How many uncontested dunks or layups did Georgetown get via the bounce pass in the lane?  I didn't have enough digits on my hands and toes to keep track. 

I know, I know, I'm ranting and raving.  Shouldn't I be happy that Roy Williams blew it?  I seem to have a certain dislike for him.  What's my deal?  My problem.....he could have waited to blow it till next Saturday against my buckeyes.


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