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Losing 4 offensive lineman is difficult for a team. Allowing BYU to come unchallenged up the middle on every play is a blueprint to the death of your Heisman winning quarterback. It is the same blueprint that the horns used to knock him out again. Landry Jones did a serviceable job and will be better next year, if that line learns how to block. They were still lost at times during the Sun Bowl, sponsored by Brut, by Faberge, like that is supposed to mean something.

I watched some guy named Suh absolutely make a mockery of football. I actually started watching him last year, but he had a fabulous game against the Hokies. Right up until the last 5 minutes of that game, when Tyrod (really?) Taylor grew more than any player I watched this year.

 I watched the Pac 10 this year. Just like I do every year. It happens from time to time, but they play some pretty good football in the Pac 10. I am a Big 12 supporter and a huge SEC hater, but man there are some years when the Pac 10 is it. This was that year. Oregon blows a game to Boise State, and that isn't that bad, but then goes on a huge tear. They lost to the Buckeyes yesterday, but they played with a passion. USC was down, Stanford had Luck and Gerhart, at least until Luck was hurt. 

Big 10 football is boring. Until someone like Northwestern makes a bowl game and plays an SEC power, unless of course SEC fan says that they are not any good, like KY, and has a finish like that in a bowl game. Some guy named Kafka threw for 500 yards, 4 td's, 5 picks and has nothing to do with the loss. Go figure.

 Ohio State beat Oregon and the Vest let Terrell Pryor be Pryor and not Krenzel. Very Strange.

 Is it just me or does Orlando deserve two bowl games in 5 days? That place is a dump, the field looked like a dump, especially in the Capital One Bowl. The field was **** in the Champs Sport Bowl, and was like playing in a pasture for the game three days later. Have you **** ever heard of field turf? 4 high school games, two bowl games in 10 days is retarded if you don't have field turf.

 Wow. Tebow threw for eleventy bazillion yards against Cincy? Did Cincy stop anyone this year? He still said "audiences" in an interview this week. Audience is plural, ****. If he scores more than a 9 on the Wonderlik, I will be surprised. (Just for those who say that you can have an "audience" with the Pope, do you really think that it is just you and him?, please go 6 definitions deep on me.) He will suck as an NFL QB. I can't wait for Jax to draft him. I will buy season tickets and boo his ass off the field.

 Speaking of ****, how about Urban Meyer. Man, this is too easy! Didn't we already go through this **** with their basketball coach? Really, and I mean REALLY? I mean, "MY team got thoroughly spanked in the SEC championship and I had to quit football?

 I like Urban Meyer's system of football and I told everyone that he would innovate the SEC like Spurrier did (for the Ritalin addicted SEC fan, that would be the forward pass). Meyer's spread is a thing of beauty andhe knows it. Unfortunately, Dan Mullen left. Now Tebow leaves. I think that Meyer's offense will actually be better without Tebow, because I watched Alex Smith play at Utah and he was incredible. That would be the same Utah team that ate up the Bama Tide in a BCS bowl game last year. Smith wasn't there and has had a tumultuous run in SF but he is becoming a decent NFL qb. It just goes to show you that a good system and great athletes equal wins.

Urban can also see the writing on the wall. The biggest issue I have always had with UM in his stalker mentality for recruits. He has to have high rated players to win. I like Brian Kelly, Patterson at TCU, Solich at Ohio or Peterson at Boise.  They get the players they get and they coach them up. How hard is it to be Meyer, Saban, Brown, Carroll when you have 20, 5 star players on your team? I like the coaches that take what they get, coach them up, and bring a winning mentality.

 Which brings me to Mike Leach. WTF? Lubbock, TX. I have been there, I had to stay there on a band trip? Lubbock. It is Lubbock, which is a good name. Leach made it a better name, kind of like Stillwater. You just have to wonder, don't you? I have been to each and I would rather go to Lubbock. Just sayin.

 I have more to say, but I also need to sleep. I have to work tonight, so that is good. I think.


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