Well, as it is my first blog on this site, I should probably introduce myself; My name is Holly. I'm 20 years old. I'm really short, I'm only 5"1. But I'm extremely fiesty. I've always loved basketball. I don't play it very well, but I was always fascinated by the NBA, particularly by the Jazz. I get it from my father. My dad and I go crazy during every game. We rarely miss any Jazz games. I have three younger brothers, but I'm more into the Jazz then they are. I've just always loved to watch it and go crazy with my father.

I also love football, baseball, volleyball, bowling, etc. I hate golf. That's really the only sport I can't stand to watch or play. My hobbies include: Singing, writing, and computers. I've been writing novels since I was six years old. I just got my associates degree in business administration and customer service. I'm not at school right now. After I got my degree, I decided to take some time off and just work. But in the fall I plan to go back for my bachelor's in family services with a minor in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

Anyway, enough about me. Those are just some little tidbits and stuff. I found this site through google. I love to blog about the Jazz. I've got a really great blog going at And a lot of other people have a lot of other useful things to say on that site as well. My username over there is holly_06, if you ever want to look my blog up, or if you join that site and want to add me as a friend, or whatever.

I'm really anxious for the game against the Rockets tomorrow. They are only half a game behind the Jazz. And it's really important that the Jazz get home-court advantage over this team. Jazz have a really tough schedule ahead of them, so losing against the Rockets tomorrow, could be quite bad for them. However, I'm hoping that Boozer will go on another one of his rampages, kicking their butts. I also want more of Okur's money balls. He didn't seem as exhausted these last couple of games, but I'd still like to see more of his famous money-balls, wouldn't we all?

Anyway, there are a few other great games going on tomorrow. I'll be sure to tune it to the Detroit/Miami game. Whenever they play against each other, it's a fight. I look forward to seeing who will come off the better. Personally? I think that Miami will come off as the victors. Don't get me wrong; I do think that the Pistons are the team to beat in the East, but I'm still thinking that Wade and Shaq are really going to turn it on against the pistons and snag the win this time.

Another game that I'm not going to miss is the Suns/Mavs game. Of course, I never miss these. I would love to see Dallas get killed by the Suns. Not a fan of the Mavs at all. Never have been, probably never will. Mind you, I do like them a teensy bit better than the Lakers, so I guess that's something.

Hopefully the games tomorrow will go better than the games last night did. All who I wanted to win last night, lost. It was a bummer. But, we shall see.


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