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49ers have been on a steady comeback the last couple of seasons. Due to a HC Mike Nolan and good management. Why would a Cowboys fan write a blog about the Niners. I like the Niners. I said it.....I like our Rivalry and hope it comes back soon!

 Lets start off by saying the 49ers had one of the Best drafts in the NFL. These guys got lots of role players, eventual starters, and just all around good players.

 1a.MLB Patrick Willis Ole Miss-This guy is a BEAST. If you watched him before the Combine....the kid can flat out play. Then came the Combine.....He ran VERY WELL, lifted well, and looked good in the Position Drills. He will be a MainStay beside one of the NFL's most underrated players....MLB Derek Smith.

1b.LT Joe Staley CMU-Staley is one of three players that the Niners took from my Cowboys! Staley is a Heck of a pass blocker and a decent run blocker. He will bring athleticism to the Offensive line which already has a stable of young guys.

3a.WR Jason Hill Wash. St.-Hill was the Steal of the Draft. This is another guy Dallas needed. He will turn into a Solid No.2 guy with loads of talent. He ran a 4.35-4.38 range at the combine. He scored all kinds of TDs in the Pac 10. This guy is just a player.....simple as that. He should be starting by mid season or next year.

3b.DE Ray McDonald Florida-Ray is a 3-4 DE plain and simple. He will provide much needed depth as well as a Decent option to replace Bryant Young when he retires. He is a High motor guy that will turn some heads.

4a.DE Jay Moore Nebraska-Another High Motor guy that will play special teams and provide depth.

4b.FS Dashon Goldson Washington-I am not to sure about this guy but he will provide depth at FS.....which has been a Bad spot for the Niners.

4c.DT Joe Cohen Florida-A very underrated guy.....he could gain weight and be a decent option to rotate at the NT spot.

5.CB Tarrell Brown Texas-This guy is GREAT! He got into some trouble and his stock plumitted. He was a 2 1/2 year starter at Texas. He was WAY BETTER in Coverage than Aaron Ross ever was. This is a Steal for the Niners as well and the 3rd guy I wanted in Dallas.

6.RB Thomas Clayton K. State-Clayton was a big time prep guy......he just had a hard time putting everything together. I think that he can be the Main Guy behind Frank Gore and let Michael Robinson come in on 3rd downs.

Great Job with a solid SOLID draft.

QB.........Alex Smith is quickly becoming everything that the 49ers wanted when they selected him No.1 overall. He is smart, athletic, and he is an all around good guy. With Trent Dilfer as your are pretty good. Dilfer could be a backup for my team anyday!

RB is set with Frank Gore. Gore is not the most physically gifted or the healthiest guy. But he has good balance, acceleration, short area quickness, and VISION. Remember he ran a 4.66 at the Combine...Strangely the Same time as Larry Johnson and Emmitt Smith....Michael Robinson did good on 3rd downs...and see Thomas Claytons comments above.

FB Norris did a decent job last season. Watch out for MY BOY WR/TE/FB/H-Back Delanie Walker. He could make an impact here as well.

WR has gotten a whole lot stronger. Darrell Jackson is a solid upgrade. He is not Great but he is definitely better than previous seasons. Ashley Lelie will add speed but inconsistent. My Boy Jason Hill will be a STUD! Brandon Williams will improve and do well on special teams.

TE has two Crazy Talents with Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. Davis is a BEAST. Those of you who don't know Delanie Walker....You will.

Offensive Line.....a Solid group of Vets and young guys. With Jonas Jennings, Larry Allen, Eric Heitmann, David Baas, and Kwame Harris......these guys are solid. Then you have LT Joe Staley, OG/OT Snyder, and OG Justin Smiley...Life is pretty Good!

Defensive Line-The 3-4 requires that you have many Quick and Strong Big Guys to take on constant double teams. The 49ers made strides in this area. No big names but all strong DT/DE Sam Rayburn, NT Abruyo Franklin, DE Jay Moore, DE Ray McDonald, DT Jay Cohen, DE Marques Douglas......They have made some strides...and should have a good rotation.

3-4 Linebacker Core-The Niners are quickly putting together a solid unit. Derek Smith, Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, and Brandon Moore are a good group. Haralson and Banta-Cain are good depth.......Moore isn't your prototype 3-4 OLB. He doesn't have the Speed, Size, Strength, or anything you look for.....But he has a Huge HEART!!!

CB is a very very deep position now. Nate Clements was a great signing. A little bit of money but he is worth it. Walt Harris has quitely put together a good career. Shantee Spencer is a great Nickle corner and should take over for Harris when he retires. As I said before..........Tarrell Brown is going to be a good CB in the NFL.

FS a HUGE ?????? I don't even know what to think at this point.

SS is different. Michael Lewis is a beast. He would Kill my Cowboys twice a season since he was drafted out of Colorado. He will be a difference maker...but like SS Roy Williams he will need some help beside him.


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