I think it's funny how many things can change week to week in the NFL.  I also think it's sad that the NFL has succumbed to the 24-hour news culture that plagues this country.

 When Shanahan was fired, McDaniels hired, and Cutler traded, everyone wanted McDaniel's head.  Then six straight wins later, he looked like a hero, turning an average quarterback into a playmaker.  Now people are calling for his head once again with the benching of Marshall and Scheffler. 

As a long time Broncos fan, I think it's time to stop over-reacting just like the media does with every piece of news that comes out of the locker room.  Let's face it: this franchise needed a change.  We have one playoff win since our back to back Superbowls.  Plus, it's obvious Cutler was not the player everyone thought he was.  Granted Denver has a lot more targets to get the ball to on offense, and a stellar offensive line (which is also why Orton has had tremendous success).  But Cutler does not have the leadership ability needed to win championships.  If you don't have it, you don't have it, and you're a waste of time and money. 

 That issue is OVER.  It has been.  For a long time.  So were our Superbowls.  Get OVER IT!  Let's move on.

I have seen every Broncos game this year.  Every snap.  Although close calls don't count for anything in the NFL, we were just a few plays away from beating the Colts, and the Eagles.  Had we won those two games, I guarentee everyone would be speaking a different tune.  I get it: shoulda coulda woulda.  However, that counts for something to know that we're just a few short yardage situations and TD's instead of FG's away from being something special.  We haven't been able to say that for a long time.

Unfortunately, I think Brandon Marshall has played his last game in Denver.  And Scheffler as well.  What this team needs is ANOTHER re-evaluation of it's players.  It's unfortunate that we are starting over again, but if it's not working it's not working, and even with these talented players we have not been able to produce with them. 

If this team chooses to stick with Orton, there will have to be a lot more placed on his shoulders.  I couldn't believe how many times we were passing sideline to sideline instead of down the field.  Orton has the ability, we're just not using it.  This is one place that I think McDaniel's needs to improve.  His playcalling ability was horrible at times.  We were passing in extreme short-yardage situations when we have a stellar offensive line and a great third down back in Hillis.  He's being under used and had we put his skills to good use this year I think we would have won more games.

It's time to stop bickering about what could have been and give what we have a chance.  We didn't win six in a row on accident.  We just lost our swagger.  And who knows, this could be to blame on some young players that were a cancer in the locker room.  I'm tired of young players that think they're all that.  I want a championship, and if that means letting Marshall go, so be it.  McDaniel's is on the right track, and as soon as we start winning again I guarentee everyone will be agreeing with me (again).


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