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Here is an eMail I sent to the moderators. Let me know what you think of the ideas.



Hi, I'm G.O.A.T. You may or may not have heard of me before. I have some very good ideas that will help make FanNation even better.

  • 1.) It bothers myself and some other members that there are ties. There is a very simple way to fix this. After three arguments have been submitted by each throwdowner and 24 hours of voting are complete and the votes are tied, there should be overtime. Overtime is simple. Each throwdowner would get one additional argument to make and 12 hours of voting would follow those arguments. It would be a fun, cool way to do throwdowns. Then on the throwdown page where you have In Progress, Open, Complete, and Closed you could just add Overtime. I think it's a great idea and some other people have agreed with me on it.


  • 2.) Another thing that bothers throwdowners is people who vote on the topic rather than the arguments. Once again, there is a fairly easy way to fix it. As you probably know, there are quite a few groups who host throwdown tournaments or leagues. It would be nice if there was another button on the Create Throwdown page to have group-only votes. Group-only votes are where only members of a specific group would get to vote on the throwdown. Yes, this would result in lower vote totals but it would also result in less accusations of cheating (which are thrown around very loosely on here) which ultimately creates more fun.


  • 3.) The Leaderboard is flawed and needs to be fixed. There are people who aren't very good at throwdown, haven't been on FanNation since May, or are only 9-1 yet they are high up on the Board. Here's is a leaderboard I came up with myself that seems to be a better idea:


  • 4.) You may have seen throwdowns that both throwdowners weren't happy with it and suspected foul play from an outsider. There should be a Truce button where both people agree to just not have the TD count for anyone's record.


  • 5.) I think this would be very cool: be able to have Sports Chat Rooms. Anyone can create their own chat room. Say I wanted to make a "Little League World Series Discussion" chat room. Another person could go to the Community page where there would be another tab called Chat Rooms. They could go there and look at the different chat rooms they would like to join in on. They could also be either private or public. Also, you, the moderators, could delete any chat rooms that aren't about sports. And, the person who makes it can choose how long they would like the chat room to be open. It could range anywhere from one hour to three days.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you listen to them because it would definitely make FanNation more enjoyable.



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