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This is my second remake.

1. San Francisco-Shawn Merriman/LB/Maryland: Merriman, with or without steroids, is the best linebacker in the NFL.  No matter what Alex Smith does, barring becoming Montana or Elway, will not match Merriman.  He will probably break the sack record, season and all-time.  Smith will be a multiple Pro Bowl quarterback, but Merriman will be an all-time great.

2. Miami-Frank Gore/RB/Miami: This was an amazing draft for the Niners.  Gore was a top 3 running back last year, and he will only get better.  Gore will be a great back in the future.  His power makes him hard to get down, but he also has breakaway speed.  Miami took Ronnie Brown, who has been good, but not spectacular.  Gore has been spectacular.

3. Cleveland-Jammal Brown/OT/Oklahoma: Brown is already a Pro Bowl offensive tackle.  Maybe Frye, Garcia, or the other Browns QB could have thrived with a good line.  Then, they could have passed on Joe Thomas two years later and picked up Quinn, Peterson, or Landry.  Thomas will be good, but Brown is a stud.

4. Chicago-Alex Smith/QB/Utah: At this point, the Bears should have given up on Grossman.  He was injured to often to be considered as the QB of the future.  Smith is a great all-around QB.  He has great passing skills, but he also is a great runner.  He would have WON the Super Bowl for the Bears easily.

5. Tampa Bay-Cedric Benson/RB/Texas: Benson has been better than the other top 5 running backs from this draft.  Ronnie Brown has been okay, but he can't be the only back.  He was better when he had Ricky Williams.  Caddilac Williams was better in his first year, and he only declined from there.  Benson has done well with Jones, but he needs to show what he can do as the only back.

6. Tennessee-Lofa Tatupu/LB/USC: Tatupu has been great, but he hasn't gotten as much attention as other linebackers just as good as him because of where he plays.  Tennessee would at least bring him back out into the eastern part of the country.  You can get media coverage in Tennessee.  Ask Vince Young.  The Titans went with Pacman Jones.  That was a HUGE mistake to say the least.  He turned out to be a thug, and now he is suspended.  Tatupu is a great citizen, and now he is going to be a star.

7. Minnesota-Braylon Edwards/WR/Michigan: Edwards hasn't been great, but he deserves to be drafted here.  The Vikings just traded Moss, so he needed a replacement.  Maybe if Culpepper had a decent target, he wouldn't have destroyed his knee and his career.  Troy Williamson has turned out to be a bust, but Edwards has a budding carer.

8. Arizona-Ronnie Brown/RB/Auburn: The Cardinals should have gone running back earlier in this draft.  They took Antrel Rolle, whose draft stick rose because of his last name.  Brown would have saved the Cardinals a lot of money.  The Cards wouldn't have tried to sign Edgerrin if they had Brown.  They could have signed offensive linemen with that money, and they could be a playoff contender.

9. Washington-DeMarcus Ware/DE-OLB/Troy: Ware has been the best outside linebacker NOT on steroids.  He is very versitale, and he is a great tackler.  He could go anywhere from two to ten in the draft.  Linebacker was not a huge need, and Tatupu is probably just as good as Ware.

10. Detroit-Luis Castillo/DE/Northwestern: Another Charger, another roider.  Castillo was caught using andro at the Combine.  That dropped his draft status to top ten to the bottom of the first round.  Even without steroids, he is one of the best players in the AFC West.  He is a great run and pass defender.  He deserves to be drafted top 10.  People won't remember him for his steroid use.  They will remember him for his talent.


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