Funny How the Earth Spins

As many people know, i am a huge Baltimore Oriole fan, despite their losing record year after year. I'm not like many other Oriole Fans who convert to being Red Sox fans in order to root for a winning team. Year after year I endure their losing seasons, and then watch how they barely improve in the offseason, and just get bored of watching the Orioles because of it. However tonight i have seen how low the Orioles have truly went since their last World Series victory in 83. It was like any other game I had went to, parking just outside the stadium, we got there in the fifth inning where the Orioles were winning 3-0. However after a poor inning from wild slinger Dan Cabrera, the O's were losing 5-3. I was thinking, "OK, we just blew another game, i can live with that". However after one inning, the Rangers came out and blasted us. They went on to score 25 more runs, and in the end won 30-3. I applaud the Rangers for their performence which included two Grand Slams, and four player with 4+ RBI's, but i was honestly sick to my stomach, after the 25th run i began to mock my own team in disgust, and when the Rangers hit a three run blast to make 30, I stood up and applauded while laughing thinking of how far the Orioles had fallen in the many years since rookie Cal Ripken lead the Orioles to a victory over the Phillies in the 83 World Series.

Just to point out how embarrassing this was I will list two facts:

1) The last team to score 30+ runs was in 1897

2) This is the second time in the last 50 years a team has had 4 players with 4+ RBI's.

I wonder where the old power house juggernaught from the 1970's and 80's went. The Orioles were the second team in history to have four 20 game winners on the same team the same year (1971, the 1920 White Sox also did it), havin one twenty game winner is great... but four is almost godlike for a team. They had great hitters from the 70's-80's including HOF players like Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, and Cal Ripken Jr. Not to mention great pitchers like Jim Palmer,Mike Cuellar, and Dave McNally. The closest thing to that is great pitcher Erik Bedard, other than that the O's have an inconsistent rotation including Daniel Cabrera who one night could throw a no hitter and the next throw a 2 inning, 5 run game. The hitting aspect is weak with the best power hitter on their team not above 15 home runs. They have good speed with Corey Patterson and Brian Roberts, but they have no power, no starting pitching, and no relief pitching. I sit down typing this blog hoping that people will remember that the Orioles were at one point as dominant as the Yankees, or Red Sox, but due to a lack of involvment from the front office, havent been able to make any noise in a while. I hope people will remember how great the Orioles were.

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