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I know, I know, a vast majority of people on this site feel that for some reason, the NFL is better than the NCAA.  My question is sincerely...Why?

 Please save me the trouble of issuing a throwdown once you've read this, because I have seen countless arguments go down in vein.  It is near impossible to win the argument "NCAA is better than the NFL".  So I thought it necessary to give a few reasons why I enjoy college football more than I do the "Big Leagues".

The rivalries, ah yes...the sweet, sweet rivalries.  You cannot tell me that there are more passionate, hatred filled, enormously competitive rivalries in the NFL over the NCAA.  Furthermore, when they do square off, there is way more on the line.  With the likes of Auburn vs. Alabama, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Florida vs. Florida State, Miami vs. Florida State, Florida vs. Goergia, Texas vs. Oklahoma, Notre Dame vs. USC, and the list goes on...literally. Just to name a few, I am sorry if I didn't write one that your passionate about, I just don't have the time. 

These rivalries change the course of the season, it is kill or be killed in college. One and done, win or bust, losers go home.  When they lock helmets, you know whats at stake.  Obviously, if they lose, there hopes of a BCS championship have eluded them, but worse than that, they will have to live with that loss for a year, and that's if they play them the following season.  Bragging right's in college football is one of the best gifts the sport can offer, it can also be one of the worse...trust me.

Conference games also have alot more passion involved. In the NFL, you can come in second, still get a wild card, and proceed to play for a championship (if you win of course).  Not so in college, if you dont win your conference, the chances of you playing for it all, are slim to none to say it mildly.  This suspense can lead to very nail biting games and by far, the best reality television known to man.

Have you ever been to the Swamp? Or Death Valley? Or Neyland?  The reason I ask is simple.  Please don't tell me that NFL fans are more abundant and more passionate than college.  How many D-1A teams are there? How many D-1AA teams are there?  Now tell me how many NFL teams there are.  These are rhetorical questions of course, seeing how there are way more college football teams than there are professional teams.  Also, the average NFL stadium house about 60,000, which is about the same for D-1A fields.  But the reason I mention the first few schools, was that were talking about 100,000 seating capacity stadiums, filled to the collapsing point.  Stadiums so loud that it is hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to imagine being anywhere other than where you are at that particular point.

The players...yes the NFL houses an enormous amount of talent.  But how about heart? How about pride? Two qualities that you will find in abundance in college football.  Guys that go out and give it there all, not for a contract extension, but to get that initial contract, to win for there school, to win for the fans, to win for themselves.  All of them may not run a 4.3, but you will see determination at it's finest...and that is something that I live to watch.

You better believe that when Saturday comes around, I have my bible next to me (to pray for UT), a beer in front of me (to calm my nerves), my wife in the other room (she get's too nervous), a Spurrier rag doll (to choke the crap out of when were losing), and my UT Vols hat (it's good luck...sometimes).  And I am ready to go....



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