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30 freaking runs-

On a day when Orioles interim manager Dave Trembley -- who has had a long, tumultuous road to MLB employment -- was finally awarded with the official reigns for next season, well, the Camden walls just about came tumbling down.

The Orioles lost 30-3 -- yes, 30-3 -- to the offensively impotent Rangers in the first of a day-night doubleheader. That's the most in American League history. (This means a lot, because -- or so I hear -- the American League is f*n old.) Four different Orioles had more than four RBI's, and the runs were scored in bunches of 4, 6, 9, and 10. That is utterly ridiculous.

The O's are in playing out their doubleheader as we speak, and are tied 3-3 through three innings. But give it time, folks: If we're lucky, we might see 50 runs before the night is over.

(Thanks to ever-sexy Chris Mottram for the heads up.)


Its a boy!-

Bridget Moynahan, the actress and ex-girlfriend of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, gave birth to a baby boy today in Los Angeles.

Brady skipped practice today and flew to the West Coast this morning, although it has not been reported whether he was there for the birth. He and Moynahan broke up before she knew she was pregnant; he is now dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Brady has said he would like to take a few days off to be with his new son, but that he would let Patriots coach Bill Belichick determine how much time he takes. Brady has said he doesn't want to discuss details of his personal life, explaining this week, "If I always responded to, you know, every time somebody said something, I'd be talking all the time."


Donovan named starter-

It's hardly a surprise, but the wait is finally over. Wisconsin fans know who will take over for three-year starter John Stocco as the team's quarterback.

It's fifth-year senior Tyler Donovan.

Donovan is atop the depth chart released by head coach Bret Bielema today. Kansas State transfer Allan Evridge will serve as Donovan's backup.

As a junior last year, Donovan started two games in place of an injured Stocco. He led the Badgers to a 24-21 win at Iowa, completing 17 of 24 passes for 228 yards and two scores. Against Buffalo, Donovan threw for 308 yards and two more touchdowns, but that didn't count as much because it was against Buffalo. Donovan not only has game experience with Paul Chryst's offense, but he's a better athlete than Stocco or Evridge. Though Chryst's background is in the passing game, having an athlete under center will only open up the offensive possibilities.

In other depth chart "news":

  • Lance Smith is still listed as P.J. Hill's primary backup at running back.
  • Chris Pressley - a 2006 redshirt - jumped ahead of Bill Rentmeester at fullback.
  • Senior Jamal Cooper is back with the program and listed as the starting defensive end opposite Matthew Shaughnessy.
  • Redshirt freshman Gabe Carimi is the starting left tackle in the place of All-American Joe Thomas.
  • Senior wideout Luke Swan is listed as the top punt returner, ahead of promising and explosive freshman David Gilreath.
  • Sophomore Xavier Harris and freshman Kyle Jefferson are the third and fourth wide receivers, respectively, behind Swan and senior Paul Hubbard.


Names are being named-'s Jon Heyman broke the big news recently: busted former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski has given up names to George Mitchell, baseball's sudden knight in shining armor. In fact, perhaps thanks largely to Radomski, Mitchell might have just salvaged his previously feckless investigation:

Radomski, awaiting federal sentencing after pleading guilty to distributing steroids to "dozens of major leaguers,'' quietly met with Mitchell and provided names of forsaid. Radomski's plea and agreement to cooperate has been seen by some MLB people asmer steroid clients, sources baseball investigators' big break in the case, and indications are that he was the star witness they hoped for.

One person familiar with some of Mitchell's findings said people are going to be "very surprised'' by how much Mitchell has learned about baseball's steroid past. While Mitchell has interviewed hundreds of people, Radomski is believed to have provided the juiciest new details -- by far. Radomski is said by federal authorities to have been a supplier of steroids to current and former major leaguers between 1995 and 2005 after previously working as a Mets clubby and batboy.

Kudos to Heyman for breaking the story, but this isn't the big news. That will come when the specific names start flying out of Mitchell's hopefully-public report. As Heyman reports, some major league teams are upset that the investigation has cost $15 million dollars. ($15 million! What could possibly have cost that much money?) At that price, even we -- especially we -- deserve to know the names Radomski and others have given up to ol' Georgie boy.

Until then: so begins the guessing. Who wants to start a pool? I got Barry Bonds!


Some good, clean fun in Chicago-

This is sufficiently awesome. The Chicago Sun-Times enlisted the help of area fifth-grade youth-league players to suggest ways Rex Grossman might avoid botching the center-quarterback exchange 14 times a game:

''It's very easy to take snaps,'' said fifth-grader Jimmy Smolik, 10, a quarterback for the St. Linus Hawks in Oak Lawn. ''Just open your hands and wait for the ball, and then you close your hands.''

And Daniel Terrini, who coaches 8- and 9-year-olds, offers this:

"We tell our quarterback to make sure he gets his hands under the center's butt ... Kids can get funny at this age, and sometimes they have a tendency to crouch down low. But they usually pick it up within a week."

So that's encouraging; the problem is easily solvable, usually in a week or so. Ten-year-old quarterback Brian Barry keeps it simple: "I'd tell Rex to try and not have so many turnovers and to get lower - he's high a little bit - and to practice more." Yep, nothing like a bunch of fifth-graders giving you tips on how not to suck. The good news, I guess, is that the Bears don't need Grossman to win the NFC North. In theory, anyway.

You gotta love that stuff. LoL. How you feeling Rex?


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