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NHL's The Good the Bad and the Ugly

This is my new daily Blog where I will discussing many highlights of the previous night in the NHL. The following is a list of what I will be looking at:

1. The best performances from forwards and defenders alike.

2. The best goalie performances

3. The worst goalie performances

4. The "Bad Boys," those that spend a lot of time in the Box

5. The heavy hitters, the ones that players fear most


So away we go...

Top Offensive Performances

There were two men in the NHL that scored 2 goals last night, and although two goals are great, I tend to look at who scores the most points. So a quick mention of Eric Belanger of the Minnesota Wild and Danny Briere of the Philadelphia Flyers for their 2 goal performances last night. My top two offensive performances are the following:

Chris Pronger of the Flyers helped his team out in great amounts last night as he was the assist man on half of their 6 goals scored against the Toronto Maple Leafs. In a 6-3 win for the Flyers, Pronger recorded 3 power play asssists. Although Pronger isn't a heavy goalscorer, he has proven himself as one of the top offensive Defensmen in the league as he now has 23 assists and 5 goals.

My top offensive performance goes to the New York Rangers forward, Sean Avery. Avery also helped the Rangers win with 3 assists and a powerplay goal, totaling up 4 points on the night. His tremendous effort lead the Rangers to a 5-2 win over the Dallas Stars.

Top Goalie Performances

It's not often a losing goalie will make his way onto the Top Goalie Performances, but it can happen. Like Belanger and Breire, I will give a quick mention of Chris Mason of the St. Louis Blues who lost to San Jose 2-1. Mason gets on here because although he managed to stop 42 of the 44 shots on goal, which is a lot of work. But the top performance honors are reserved for two goalies for the day.

First the man on the winning side of the game I already mentioned, Evgeni Nabokov of the San Jose Sharks. His excellent goaltending earned his team a win even though their offense didn't exactly show up. Nabokov only allowed one goal and had 28 saves. Nabokov has now allowed 2 or fewer goals in 9 of his last 10 games making him one of the hottest goaltenders in the league.

The second top goalie performance goes to Niklas Backstrom of the Minnesota Wild. Backstrom stopped all but one of 26 shots on goal by the Calgary Flames. With his excellent goaltending his team managed to pull out a 4-1 win. This was a solid bounce back for Backstrom considering he had given up 14 goals in his previous 4 starts.

The Worst Goalie Performances

This time around there are three terrible goalie performances that I would like to talk about. 

First is the Dallas Stars goalie, Marty Turco. Turco allowed 4 goals on just 24 shots which paved the way for his team to lose 5-2 against the Rangers. Turco has been on a cold streak lately as he had now allowed 3 or more goals in 8 out of his last 10 starts. 

The next poor performance goes to Tampa Bay Lightning goalie, Mike Smith. Smith who had been pretty solid as of late, allowed 5 goals on 35 shots which caused his team to lose to the Buffalo Sabres 5-3. 

My worst goalie of the night goes to Toronto Maple Leafs Jonas Gustavsson. Gustavsson is another goalie that had been doing pretty well as of late for a poor team, allowed 6 goals on 32 shots, a very poor save percentage. His poor outing lead the Maple Leafs to a 6-2 defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Bad Boys

Some nights there are few, others there are many. Last night we had 4 players who spent more than 10 minutes in the box.

First off is the New York Rangers Sean Avery. Avery spent 12 minutes in the box. 10 of those minutes were for game misconduct in the 2nd period, and he added 2 more minutes for cross checking in the 3rd. It wasn't all bad for Avery though as he more than made up for his mistakes by scoring a goal and three assists.

Next up is Toronto Maple Leafs Jamal Mayers. In what was a frustrating night for the Maple Leafs, Mayers went to the box 3 seperate times, once for 2 minutes for roughing in the 1st period, and twice for 5 minutes for fighting in the 1st and 3rd periods. 

My third bad boy of the night goes to Scott Hartnell of the Flyers who went to the box twice in the 3rd period. The first time was 5 minutes for fighting and the second time was 10 minutes for game misconduct. All in all Hartnell spent 15 minutes in the penalty box.

Aside from Sean Avery, the rest of the bad boys have come from the same game. This is no different for the top bad boy of the night, Maple Leafs Garnet Exelby. Exelby spent 17 minutes in the box wednesday night, all of it served in the 3rd period. First time was 5 minutes for fighting, and then he served a total of 12 minutes later in the period, 2 minutes for boarding, and 10 minutes for game misconduct. 

Heavy Hitters

We had three heavy hitters last night, all of whom recorded 5 hits.

The first of our three heavy hitters was Minnesota Wild's Defensman Greg Zanon. With the 5 hits last night, Zanon now has 21 hits in his last 8 games. 

The next heavy hitter award goes to San Jose Sharks right wingman Devin Setoguchi. with his 5 hits last night he has now recorded 24 hits in his last 10 games. 

The third heavy hitter of the night goes to Tim Kennedy of the Buffalo Sabres. He now has 17 hits in his last 10 games after recording 5 wednesday night.

 Wrap Up

The blowout of the night goes to the Philadelphia Flyers as they racked up 6 goals and defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-2. In big injury news, the Dallas Stars were forced to place one of the best defensman on the injured reserve list last night after Mike Ribeiro suffered a contusion to his throat in last nights game against the Rangers. Ribeiro underwent surgery and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. 


Thanks for reading my blog and if you feel I missed anything please comment! Your input and suggestions will be greatly appreciated


Thanks and tune in tomorrow for another edition!


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