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While driving to work this morning I had a chance to listen to Roy Jones Jr. on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio. At first, I thought Roy was going to defend Michael Vick the same way that others have in accusing the system of racism and other baloney not worth acknowledging as anything other than the close-minded rants of stupid people who probably never made it out of kindergarten.

Surprisingly, he had something new and thoughtful to say about the situation, namely that Vick, whose main involvement seems to be in bankrolling the dogfighting operation, may have been in a situation where he was giving his three co-defendants the money to get their operation started, with the idea being to distance himself from the operation once it was up and running. Then the friends were caught and only did what young ungrateful thugs would do; they ratted out their benefactor.

I admit I don't really believe that was the case, but at least it was a thoughtful and reasoned explanation. I do agree that the news coverage for Pope John Paul II's death was nowhere near the level that this has managed to receive. And now we hear from one of the NBA's most overrated players. Stephon Marbury actually likened dogfighting to a sport, only behind closed doors. I guess he never saw the backlash that Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels got from when they defended dogfighting after the Vick story came out (they said it was "culture". The only comparison worthy of that ignorance is that crime is the "culture" of the Mafia or corruption is the "culture" of the U.S. Government and its idiot president.) The value of anything he says concerning this matter is worth about as much as my last deposit in my bathroom toilet.

Realistically, don't expect the Vick case to stop dogfighting in the U.S. People just aren't that smart. My only hope is that whenever the feds or local cops bust a dogfighting ring that it get broadcast just like this case is doing. I hear the word racism being thrown around a lot. But in reality it doesn't apply to Vick. He got his plea deal. Will the white or hispanic guy who gets caught down the road fighting dogs get his?


1. I like Andy Reid, but releasing Jeremiah Trotter was the dumbest thing he's ever done. Especially without trying to make the situation work (pay cut, new role, etc.) or running it by the team first.

2. Imagine how many runs the Texas Rangers will be scoring when they get some real bats in that lineup.

3. Tim Donaghy is the latest example of why kids won't tell on others in school (snitch, they like to call it, even when it's necessary to prevent harm). Read my last blog for a colorful madeup fantasy fight between him and me. Several guest celebrities appear.

4. Open scoring in boxing? I don't know if I'm for it or not (I kinda like the suspense), but at least it would make the fight more interesting, especially if a fighter knows he's behind. Don King shows he has a brain under all that hair after all.

5. I hate college preseason polls. I mean no one's even played yet. If there must be one, base it on bowl game winners (ex. National title game teams are 1-2, other BCS winners 3-4 and losers 5-6, etc.). In basketball, do the same with the results from the NCAA tournament all the way down the line. Teams earned that status the season before. Let them defend it.

6. Mark Teixeira hit 9 hr in his first 18 games for Atlanta. Where was that production when he was here, especially at the Ballpark? I'm glad he's gone.

7. I hope P.J. Carlesimo wins in Seattle. He's only gotten negative flak ever since Latrell Sprewell assaulted him  (was he even arrested? I mean he did choke the guy, after all.)

8. I"m happy for Pete Kendall. There was no need for the Jets to keep him, other than to strongarm him, which would have been pointless. Now they have another draft pick and the Redskins have a serviceable left guard. Sounds like a win-win.

9. I'll say it again. Ricky Hatton will beat Floyd Mayweather on Dec. 8, Kelly Pavlik will beat Jermain Taylor on Sept. 29, Sam Peter will beat Oleg Maskaev Oct. 6, and Evander Holyfield will beat Sultan Ibragimov Oct. 13. Jury's still out on Calzaghe/Kessler and Cotto/Mosley, though Roy Jones should knock Tito Trinidad cold in January.

10. I haven't said this in years, but I'm really excited about the Dallas Cowboys defense, though I think they will regret not taking a wide receiver in the first round this year. 


1. I think whoever set that 5-year old kid in Iraq on fire should be crucified upside down after being impaled backwards after being castrated with a rusty spoon after being sodomized with a tennis racket (not the handle, mind you) after being beaten with a baseball bat by the kid's father. Just when I thought radical Islam couldn't get any sicker.

2. I think America needs more political parties. The two-party system here is like the one-party system in China. The only time both sides work together is when there is a third party. It's time for the people to speak and be heard.

3. One day in jail for Lindsay Lohan? Must have had Paris Hilton's attorney on speed dial. She will be the next Anna Nicole because once again the rules don't apply to the rich. Almost makes me want to opt for modified socialism.

4. After seeing the Bourne Ultimatum, I have concluded that no more Bourne movies need be made. Don't get me wrong, it was by far the best of the trilogy and one of the greatest action films EVER, but how do you top that?

5. I heard that researchers are now spending many millions of dollars to clone beef cattle because reportedly 1 of every 5 steaks served in restaurants is "not as good as it should be." I thought taste was a subjective matter, and here we've got real people in need that those many millions could help. Amazing how stupid our society is. It should make one appreciate the Romans more, who managed to do a whole lot more with a whole lot less.



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