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The QB will be...-

...a secret!

According to Charlie Weis, the successor to Brady Quinn has already been picked, but he'll be damned if he's going to tell anybody who is suiting up before September 1. Quoth Charlie, when asked if he has picked a starter:

"Oh, absolutely," Weis said. "This is no big secret in my mind."

"People think that you vacillate; you never vacillate," Weis continued.

"You know what you're doing. I'm not trying to sandbag anyone, but I think that going into your first game, it's important that any additional ammo that you could have to help you win that one game you should use."

I guess the drama and speculation will continue right up to kickoff, but it is a bit of a relief to hear that one of the competitors has finally put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack for the first time in this drawn-out battle. Based on one open practice, it looks like Evan Sharpley is the most advanced at this time, but one has to wonder if Jimmy Clausen's very abbreviated performance was due to injury or to purposefully hold back any advance scouting on the youngster.


Elway becomes coach-

The football players at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado are likely to pay more attention to their new assistant coach than teenagers usually do.

That's because the coach is Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

Elway took the job as quarterbacks coach so he'd have the opportunity to coach his son Jack, a senior year at Cherry Creek. Jack Elway (full name: John Albert Elway III) is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound quarterback who wears Number 7, like his dad.

That's Jack with John in the picture, from the Broncos' 1998 training camp. calls Jack a Division I prospect. John Elway says he'll attend at least 90 percent of Cherry Creek's practices this season and will be on the sideline for every game.


Not again-

Just when Andy Reid thought his sons' legal troubles were behind him, Britt Reid has another run in with police at a Dick's Sporting Goods. Witnesses have said Britt appeared to be under the influence.

Shortly before 4 this afternoon Plymouth Township Police received a tip call that Britt Reid was under the influence and about to drive away in his pickup truck from the**** Sporting Goods parking lot on Chemical Road in Plymouth Township.

When police arrived Britt was getting into his truck and started to drive away. They quickly pulled him over and took him into custody. He was taken to Mercy Suburban Hospital in Norristown to be tested for illegal substances and/or alcohol in his system. Results of those tests are expected to be returned in several days.

Britt is already facing upto 14 months in jail. This could get ugly.

I assue he is just not coping well with the loss of Jeremiah Trotter...


Bucs are interested-

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will bring in linebacker Jeremiah Trotter for a workout today, two days after he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Trotter doesn't strike me as a great fit in the defense that Bucs coordinator Monte Kiffin runs. Kiffin likes his middle linebackers to be the rangy types who can drop into pass coverage 15 yards downfield when necessary. Trotter is more the plug-the-middle style of linebacker.

Still, Trotter is one of the few healthy veteran free agents available right now, and any team that's hoping to upgrade its defense has to at least be considering giving him a look.

Currently, the Bucs' depth chart lists Cato June as the starter on the strong side, Barrett Ruud in the middle and Derrick Brooks on the weak side. If the Bucs are convinced that Trotter can be an upgrade over Ruud, they'll pull the trigger.


Words of Bama' players: F* him and F* y'all-

Oh no he did not. Yes, he did.

Back on July 14, three Alabama Crimson Tide football players -- LB Brandon Fanney, RB Roy Upchurch, and DE Brandon Deaderick were denied entrance to a nightclub called "The Legacy." Reason: they did not meet the dress code. We're just now finding out what happened.

The players were then asked to leave, but refused. We're at DEFCON 5. The UAPD report states that Upchurch became agitated and began shouting obscenities. DEFCON 4. He was then pepper-sprayed and became 'verbally abusive toward the officer.' DEFCON 3. The officer then told Upchurch that Saban would be awakened with very bad news if he didn't shut up and leave. That's DEFCON 2.

From Everything Alabama:

According to UAPD, when officers told Upchurch that his coach could be called if he didn't start cooperating, he replied, "F--- him and f--- y'all," the report stated. After another warning from police, Upchurch allegedly said that "UAPD officers don't mean s--- to him."


So what you basically have here is a university police department trying desperately to avoid any incident which might adversely affect the home team. By my count Upchurch and friends had at least five opportunities to pack their lunch and go home without getting hauled off to the hoosgow. Hell, they were even free to leave after getting shouting obscenities at cops and then getting pepper-sprayed by them. Now that's tolerance. Those Alabamans love them some football... I mean love.

Upchurch's disorderly conduct charge was due to "engaging in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior." The charge against Fanney was for "congregating with Deaderick in a public place and refusing to comply with a lawful order to disburse."

A deposition said Fanney "continued to trouble the employees" of The Legacy and was arrested while trying to assist Deaderick, who was also being apprehended. Fanney allegedly "screamed at police and refused to cooperate."

Okay, now Fanney's screaming at the cops too.

No doubt Saban's hopping mad about this! With Saban's reputation for being a merciless destroyer of football egos, including making NFL linemen cry, I'm absolutely certain he will rain mighty hammers down upon those who smited him and took his name in vain.

Uh... right, Nick? From

... (Saban) said last month the (three players) would not be (suspended) if they met the demands of his punishment.

"I am very hopeful that we don't have these kinds of situations occur in the future," Saban said. "We're going to work very hard so that doesn't happen. But at the same time, I don't think it's fair to take away what guys actually came to college for, what they worked hard to try to accomplish as players in terms of developing a career as a football player as well as a student in terms of getting a degree.

"There are other ways that we will try to correct and improve this situation."

Well, that's certainly showing 'em you mean business, Coach.

(The players have plead not guilty to the charges.)


Mike Vick's Neighbor: "Around here, people fight dogs all the time."

One of the things we've heard a lot during the four months that we've associated the illegal activity of dog fighting with Michael Vick is that dog fighting is part of Vick's background, part of his upbringing, part of his culture.

I never really bought that, and I still don't. Still, the Virginia TV station WTKR takes an interesting look at what people in the Newport News housing project where Vick grew up think about the story, and it includes this:

"He's Vick, what else can I say," said Antwan Parson.

Parson grew up in this housing project, just a few yards away from Vick's house. Like many here, he does not understand why Vick is on the verge of prison time.

"People out here fight dogs all the time," Parson said.

If that's true, it might explain what drew Vick to dog fighting. It certainly doesn't explain what led him to continue dog fighting after he made it big as a football player, though. We may never be able to figure that out.


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