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October baseball at home, there is hope for you. Not this year, but there's always next year. No, i'm not talking about fans whos fantasy team just got cemented into last because of your bonehead Prince Fielder for Richie Sexson trade(happened to me, but I'm the one who got Prince. Now I'm riding the gravy train to first with Prince AND A-Rod.) Enough about me and my fantasy team, I'm talking about those teams that didn't play up to par with the rest of the league. They had devastating injuries, huge busts, or they just plain sucked. This is the time in the MLB season when all the focus is put on the division races. As it obviously should be. But I always like doing something different so I'm making a blog on the 4 worst teams in baseball(as far as records go). Here they are:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays- 48-78, .381 Win %, 27 games back,

Pittsburgh Pirates- 55-71, .437%, 10 games back

San Francisco Giants- 56-72, .438%, 16 games back

There are 5 teams with only 56 wins and a .444 Win %, so I'll pick the team that I feel is in the worst trouble or has the most issues to fix:

Texas Rangers- 56-70, .444%, 18 games back

All of these teams have had horrible years. One team can't pitch(Rangers), one team can't hit(Pirates), another team which must have been great before electricity(Caddyshack, priceless. Oh...BTW, it's the Giants), and one team is just horrible everywhere(Those Devil Rays). So here we go. I'll start with the Rangers:

The Rangers:

High Hopes- There isn't really much good coming out of this team this season. The highlight has been that complete and utter beatdown on the Orioles pitching. This team does have some reasons to be somewhat happy. For one thing, they handled the Teixeira trade very well. They got the young stud Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the young SS Elvis Andrus. Including 2 minor league pitchers. The Rangers are now looking towards the future. And this team would love it if A-Rod opts out, meaning the Rangers could stop paying for that gigantic contract. There is some extra money. And this team has some good pitchers. Joaquin Benoit, who was mentioned in trades earlier in the year, has an ERA of 2.57 in 66.2 innings and C.J. Wilson has also been a pleasent surprise. But other than those 2 little nuggets, nothing else that great.

Dazed And Confused- For one thing, the pitching is horrible. The team ERA is a very high 4.81. Vicente Padilla, who they gave an extension to(WHY?!?!?!?!?) has been a nightmare.

3-9, 6.55 ERA, 55 Ks, 39 BBs, In 90.2 Innings, Hitters Hitting .322 Against Him

Kevin Millwood, the "ace" of the staff, has a blown up ERA of 5.39. The pitching is just very bad and very, very, very inconsistent. The hitting ain't great either, by any means. The team BA is .259, which is hurrendous considering they hit in a great hitter ballpark and they still have alot of very good hitters on this team. Ian Kinsler, the young 2B who this team thinks they can build around and who had a great start to the season, is now hitting .246. The problem about this team is they seem like they don't know which direction to go to. They trade for young guys and dump superstars and then they gave huge contracts to guys that either aren't good or they just don't fit.

From Now On- This team has gotta start completely over. Dump all of the high-price stars and get loads of prospects. That is the best way to compete with the Angels, A's, And Mariners. Go for pitching and ONLY pitching first. Cause this team is gonna need some great pitching to be serious contenders. And don't fire Ron Washington. This ain't his fault.

The Giants:

High Hopes- I talked about the Giants in my blog about A-Rod going there, but I have to include them here. There is one huge thing this team can look at and smile: Zito,Cain, and Lincecum. That has the potential to be a scary force. The combined ERA of those 3 is 4,14 this year. Not bad when you take into account that Cain is 22 years old, Lincecum is 23, and Zito has been getting better. And the bullpen has been a surprise this year. Last year, they had the worst pen in thr N.L. But...

Dazed And Confused- They don't have a real closer. Brad Hennessy leads the team with 14 saves. He is not a real closer. And Russ Ortiz is in the starting rotation. Do I really have to say anything? And the other glaring problem, this team is way to old. The position players have an AVG age of 33 and their BA is .251. This team has no energy and it's just a very boring group of vetarens. You look at some of the guys that are on this team and you ask yourself: "Why would they want these guys all together?"

Ryan Klesko- Don't understand what the point was of this. He is a 1B with a .270 AVG and 6 HRs. Those are 5th outfielder numbers.

Ray Durham- A very stupid move locking him up for more years. A 35 year old 2B batting a whopping .223. He had a great year last year. Should've sold high and went younger.

Rich Aurilia- When you look at his #s last year, it looks like it was a smart move. This wasen't a terrible move, but the logic of signing another 35 year old position player seems out-of-whack. Once again folks, the youngest everyday player is 32(Pedro Feliz)

From Now On- This team actually has enough pitching. Just get younger position players. Pretty simple. Dump the old guys(Barry first) then change that aspect completely. With a younger core of hitters with those 3 pitchers, this team can be great.


High Hopes- This is such an odd franchise. They have there good moments and bad. But it's weird the way they play out. When you look at this team on paper, it looks like a very good young team ready to take charge. With young studs Gorelanny and Snell, Duke, Capps, Bay, LaRoche, Ronny Paulino, and Chris duffy(on D.L.) this team should have a great young core of players. Thats the thing with this team: if everything goes right, they could be a surprise team and make the playoffs in the weak N.L. Central. But things don't always work out.

Dazed And Confused- This team has done a couple of things wrong. For one thing, they traded away Oliver Perez.  I realize in his last year and a half with the Pirates, he was a trainwreck. But because that Perez got better when he joined the Mets, that says that the Pirates were missing something. But when you look at this team the past few years, the thing that jumps out at you is that fact that they NEVER make any big moves(and when I say big moves, I don't mean trading for Matt Morris). Never sign any free agants, never any big trades. You can't expcet this young team(AVG age is 28, low) to get it all done on there own. You need some experience and some big players. They havn't had that in a long time.

From Now On- One of these years, the Pirates are gonna shock everybody. They just gotta spend some money first. If they get a pitcher or 2(like what the Royals did with Gil Meche) and a couple of known position players. This team can be quite good.

Devil Rays:

High Hopes- This team once again has the worst record in baseball. But it ain't all bad(but most of it is). The Devil Rays have a very good line-up. With Carl Crawford(one of the most underrated players in baseball), Delmon Young, B.J. Upton, Brendan Harris, and Akinori Iwamura. Good core. You can't sleep on this team. They are very young, energetic, and very fast. And the starting pitching may be finally coming along. With Scott Kazmir, Jamie Shields, and 2007 1st round ace David Price locked up for 6 years, the starting pitching is on the right track.

Dazed And Confused- 2 words: Bullpen and walks. The Devil Ray offense has drawn the least amount of walks in baseball. That is where inexperience comes in. And the bullpen is beyond broken. A huge reason why this team has an ERA of...are you ready for this....5.70!!!! The whole team!!!! That is ugly to look at. The BBA against is .293. Once again, for the whole team! The bullpen ERA is 6.58. Scary bad.

From Now On- After my last paragraph, do I have to say what they should do? I'll say it anyway: Get all the pitching you can possibly get. Or else you, the Devil Rays, will never sniff 3rd place in the A.L. East.

That is it. I'm done.


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