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Watching last night's National Title game, I can honestly say that Alabama is the worst National Champion I have seen in my young lifetime. I can honestly also say Nick Saban is one the of most arrogant and probably one of the biggest jerks when it comes to coaching the game of college football. Here my reasons why:

1. I couldn't believe how arrogant and dumb Nick Saban was for trying to convert a fake punt pass and then get it intercepted while on his own side of the field and it was like 4th and 25.

2. How can a team get everything go their way and get so lucky after Texas' first drive of the game, where one of the best collegiate QBs in history in his final game gets his shoulder messed up and then Texas is forced to put in their back-up TRUE freshman QB.

3. Alabama demoralizes the young QB, Garrett Gilbert, in the the first half of the game  where he goes 1/10 passing completion, had -4 yards passing, and threw a shovel pass for interception and a touchdown in the final seconds of the game.'

4. The game goes into the half and Alabama feels like they already won the game and obviously their coach did too, even though he preached to his team and the media during his whole month off that Texas should not be underestimated in the National Title Game. Too bad Saban did not practice what he preached because his team came out flat and acted like the game was over when their were two quarters left to play.

5. I give Mack Brown, Garret Gilbert, Jordan Shipley, and the Texas defense tons of credit for never once giving up in the game when there was so much adversity looking them right in the face. They answered against the adversity they faced by striking back with 14 unanswered points to bring the score to 24-21 in the fourth quarter.

6.  The Texas defense plays well than gets Bama to punt, but gets pinned back on the 7 yard-lin and Bama gets another break. I do not who it was if it was the o-line or Gilbert, but someone forgot to notice and block Eryk Anders who blitzed past the left tackle untouched and laid Gilbert out causing him to fumble. Alabama then recovered the fumble inside Texas' 10 yard line and then three plays later Mark Ingram, the Heisman trophy winner punched it in from two yards out for his second TD of the night making the game 31-21.

7. Texas got the ball back, but Gilbert through a bad pass and had it intercepted with 1:48 left in the game. The final score of that game should have been 31-21, but Nick Saban being the great and "classy" guy he decided to run up the score making the game 37-21. What Saban should have done if he had any integrity is just having taking 3 kneel-downs and just have let the game ended, but of course that couldn't happen because Saban needed those extra points just to help him out in the polls after he's team unimpressive performance.

8. Just to emphasize how pathetic Alabama was in this game is they got out gained in total yardage even after Gilbert had such a terrible 1st half, and Greg McElroy (whom I cannot believe has not lost a game since he was in 8th grade) threw a measley 6 for 11 passes for 58 yards! Of course people will say that's meaningless because Alabama won the turnover battle, but I would hope they would going against a true, freshman QB in the biggest game a player could be thrown into.

9. Here's the bottomline Alabama never wins last nights game if they did not get one of the biggest breaks in college football history by having Colt McCoy get injured after 5 offensive plays in Texas' first drive. It's too bad though that the AP and Coaches Polls are full snobs and could not see these truths because Alabama is not the number 1 team in the country after what I saw. What Alabama should have done is kept focus and just played with intensity throughout the whole game aganist the Longhorns, like Florida did to OSU a few years back so their could be no debate about their victory.

10. IMO, which I'm sure everyone will say no way, but Boise State should have gotten a piece of the national title after beating and upsetting (because no one gave them a chance like usual) the No. 3 TCU Horned Frogs, who had the No. 1 ranked defense in the country, who was a team a lot of people thought should have played for the National Title.

The Final Top 10 AP Rankings should have looked this IMO:

1. Boise State

2. Alabama

3. Texas

4. Florida

5. TCU

6. Ohio State

7. Iowa

8. Cincy

9. Penn State

10. Va. Tech



- Mike


P.S. Let the debating begin!

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