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But too bad it isn't. Cassidy said I should write a blog on the Dodgers. Referred to as the biggest disappointment the N.L. And when you actually look at them and their record, that seems like a valid point. First, look at the roster: 

PitchersNUMNAMEPOSBATTHWAGEHTWT2007 SALARY 97Joe BeimelPLL306-3215$912,50058Chad BillingsleyPRR236-1245$384,50043Yhency Brazoban DLPRR276-1250$395,00051Jonathan BroxtonPRR236-4290$390,00030Mark HendricksonPLL336-9240$2,925,00036Roberto HernandezPRR426-4245$3,300,00056Hong-Chih Kuo DLPLL266-1235$384,00023Derek LowePRR346-6230$9,500,00031Brad PennyPRR296-4260$8,000,00045Scott ProctorPRR306-1198$445,92344Takashi SaitoPLR376-2202$1,000,00029Jason Schmidt DLPRR346-5210$15,703,94638Rudy SeanezPRR385-11200$700,00050Eric StultsPLL276-0215N/A 35Brett TomkoPRR346-1220$4,100,00041Chin-hui Tsao DLPRR266-1210N/A 52Randy Wolf DLPLL315-10198$7,477,969CatchersNUMNAMEPOSBATTHWAGEHTWT2007 SALARY 14Mike LieberthalCRR356-0195$1,150,00055Russell MartinCRR245-10210$387,500InfieldersNUMNAMEPOSBATTHWAGEHTWT2007 SALARY 15Rafael FurcalSSBR295-9195$13,730,1965Nomar Garciaparra DL3BRR346-0190$8,516,69712Jeff Kent2BRR396-2210$9,814,1177James Loney1BLL236-3220N/A 18Ramon Martinez2BRR346-0190$800,0008Olmedo Saenz1BRR366-1230$1,000,000OutfieldersNUMNAMEPOSBATTHWAGEHTWT2007 SALARY 16Andre EthierRFLL256-2210$387,50026Luis GonzalezLFLR396-2210$7,156,59928Shea HillenbrandDHRR326-1210$6,000,00027Matt KempRFRR226-2230$383,0009Juan PierreCFLL305-11180$7,500,00017Jason Repko DLCFRR265-11190$395,00021Mark SweeneyLFLL376-1215$900,000

You have an ace in Jason Schmidt, Derek Lowe(who has become a solid #2 starter), Randy Wolf(who when healthy, can be a very good #3 or 4 starter), Brad Penny(who could also be an ace if he learned how to pitch good in the 2nd half), and the young guns(Jon Broxton, Chad Billingsley, Brazodon, and Huo) with a a great, underrated closer(Takashi Saito), this team pitching looks shutdown quality. But because of injuries to Schmidt(3 years, $47 million- shoulder surgury) and Randy Wolf( 1 year, $8 million- sore shoulder) and ineffectiveness from Mark Hendrickson(4-7, 5.09 ERA), Brett Tomko(2-11, 5.80 ERA Ugly #s), and Roberto Hernandez(3-3, 6.08 ERA, 42 years old), the pitching has been far from shutdown. Here are some #s

ERA 1st Half- 3.87   ERA 2nd Half- 4.37

BAA 1st Half-.251    BAA 2nd Half-.263

OBP 1st Half-.314    OBP 2nd Half-.323

OPS 1st Half-.691    OPS 2nd Half-.718

You can see the trend in the stats. The pitching has not been as good as it was in the 1st half. Now the batting: Rarael Furcal is only hitting .278. Him and Pierre should be the spark plugs for this team. .278 is a tad low for Furcal. Same thing goes for Pierre, who has a .290 AVG but has an OBP. of .325. Not good enough for a leadoff hitter. And we all know he has NO power. Nomar Garciaparra is on the D.L. and only has 6 HRs. Need much more pop from there 3B or 1B(whatever position he plays now). Shea Hillenbrand was a horrible pick-up. I know he isn't a terrible hitter, but he is a cancer in the clubhouse and he doesn't hit good enough to be a cancer in the clubhouse.

This team has tried to get offensive help. They picked up Hillenbrand and Mark Sweeney from the Giants to help the bench. And you have the defense which isn't that great either. Juan Pierre covers alot of ground in center, but he has an extremely weak arm, Jeff Kent is 39 years old and is not what he once was at 2B, Nomar is injury-prone, Luis Gonzalez is 39 and should be a DH, and Shea isn't good either with the glove.

Once again, this team was picked by alot of people to win the N.L. West(including me). On paper, they have more hitting than the D-Backs, they are more experienced than the D-Backs, and have better pitching than the Padres(and WAY better hitting) and they spent more in the offseason. But once again, that doesn't mean their actual play will meet that. Right now, they are currently 66-62. And only 1 game better than the Rockies(who are a surprising 65-63. I gotta do a blog on them) But with the money they have spent, and the talent they have on this team, there is no other way to say it: they are underachieving and having a disappointing year. So what does this team need to do?

Get A Big Hitter- A-Rod is an option. You know who would make a great fit? Bobby Abreu. I think he would be perfect for the Dodgers if he doesn't resign with the Yanks. He works pitchers, walks alot, and has pop.

Get A Closer- Saito is 37 years old. They need a closer. But to get on, they would have to make a trade. But the Dodgers have one of the best minor league pools in baseball. So they could probably get one done. The question is who to give up and for whom? Unless they think Jon Broxton can be the future closer...

Get 1 More Pitcher- With Jason Schmidt, Derek Lowe, and Brad Penny all in the rotation together next year(hopefully), they could use one more pitcher. Maybe trade for Willis from the Marlins. Get some young, exciting blood on the team. Some other options: Freddy Garcia, Curt Schilling, Jason Jennings(Jennings Out for Season LOL!), or Livan Hernandez.

Thats it. I'm done.


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