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I will look at the top rookies from last year and say if they will be a stud or a dud next year.


Vince Young-Young will be a major DUD!  He has no offense around him.  His offensive line is mediocre.  The line is way too old to hold up throughout the whole year.  His wide receivers also are terrible.  Eric Moulds is probably their number one receiver, and he was cut by the HOUSTON TEXANS!  The running game is a mess.  They are in a three person race, and none of those guys are any good!  Henry has never had to carry the full load.  Brown was benched last season.  White is too fat to be the starter.  No way the Titans win more than six games this season.  It doesn't help that VY is on the cover of Madden either.

Devin Hester-Who in their right mind will kick to Hester at all?  He returns everything he touches.  I think that teams would rather kick it out and have them start at the 40 than give it to Hester.  Sure, he is on offense.  I'm sure Lovie will make sure that he puts the ball in his hands, especially on screens, but that is a different game.  Marvin, Chad Johnson, and Torry Holt are the best receivers in the game doesn't mean that they can return.  I don't expect that it works flipped either.

Marques Colston-The Saints didn't help him this offseason.  They went out and drafted a wide receiver even though "experts" have said how deep their wide receivers are.  To me, that shows a lack of trust in Colston.  He started off very strong, but he got injured later in the year.  Right now, he is questionable for the Saints' next preseason game.  His injuries will slow him down greatly this season.

Laurence Maroney-I'm not saying that he won't be good this season, but the odds are against him haveing a major contribution.  The Patriots went out and signed every free agent receiver on the market.  That shows that the Pats will be leaning towards a more pass heavy offense this year.  Maroney also will have to carry the full load.  No Corey Dillon to split carries with.  I will say 1000 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Nothing too spectacular.


Joseph Addai-Yep.  I'm a homer, but don't tell me that this kid's future isn't insanely bright.  Look what he did last year in the playoffs.  Even though his situation is similar to Maroney, I say that he benefits from it more.  In Edgerrin's last year, he dominated.  The Colts play one of the best balance offense.  If Peyton throws for 40 touchdowns, Addai will run for 1200.  If Peyton throws for 4500 yards, Addai will score 20 touchdowns.  It depends how the Colts use him.  If they use him in the redzone, he will be a great fantasy back like Alexander.  If they use him early, he will be a yard gainer like Dickerson was for the Colts.

Maurice Jones-Drew-One of the most suprising players not named Colston.  He was just suppose to be a returner, but he became the second best rookie running back last year.  His 5.7 yards per carry shows how good he might be if he is given the full opportunity.  He scored 16 touchdowns while splitting carries!  I think that he will have 20 touchdowns this year.  For Jones-Drew, Addai, and Bush, I expect 50 touchdowns between them.  Jones-Drew is one of the best.

Jay Cutler-Last year, he was rushed in because Plummer was terrible.  I don't know why that was unexpected, but it didn't help Cutler at the beginning.  Fans and the media started to turn on him, but he showed great potential at the end of last season.  With the improved offense around him, I expect big things.



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