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With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, here are some large trades that make sense all around.

Pacer, 76ers, & Trail Blazers

To Indiana- Andre Iguodala, Andre Miller, and Joel Przybilla
To Philadelphia- TJ Ford, Travis Diener, and a 2nd Round Pick (Pacers)
To Portland- Mike Dunlevy, Earl Watson, Salmon Jones, and a 1st Round Pick (Pacers)

This deal is a great deal for the Pacers. They get to add another scorer to go with Granger, in Iguodala. They also acquire a pretty good PG in Andre Miller, and fill another hole.

This deal makes sense for the 76ers because they want to restart, with the big free agent class, and Ford's large expiring contract can help out with that, same with Diener's expiring contract.

It also makes sense for the Trail Blazers because they want to get rid of Miller, because it hasn't worked out with all their guards they have, and they get rid of Przybilla's large contract. While they acquire Earl Watson's expiring contract, and get a pretty good player
in Mike Dunlevy.


Raptors, Lakers, Pistons, & Timberwolves

To Toronto- Al Jefferson, Ben Gordon, and Chucky Atkins
To Lakers- Chris Bosh
To Detroit- Jose Calderon, Adam Morrison, and a 1st Round Pick (Toronto)
To Minnesota- Andrew Bynum, and Jordan Farmer

The Raps finally get a centre and can move Bargnani to PF. Bargnani will get more touches as he continues to improve, and the Raps defense will finally improve with Jefferson at Centre. I also have Calderon getting traded because the Raps are better team when he isn't in the lineup and Hedo handles the ball, and have another PG in who plays better D. The Raps also get a scorer in Ben Gordon, and an expiring small contract in Atkins. Bosh is good as gone with the Raps, they need to move him.

I don't think I have to say much for the Lakers, they wont Bosh.

The Pistons will receive Morrison, who has an expiring contract, so they can be players in the big free agent class. They also get a pass first PG in Calderon, who can try to do what Billups did for them. They also get a 1st round pick which will help in the future.

For the T'Wolves, they get Farmer who is an expiring contract, that they can resign cheap if he plays good with them. The Wolves have also been trying to trade Jefferson because he doesn't get a long with Love. Bynum could get a long with Love, as he gets a long with a ton of big names.


Cavs & Wizards

To Cleveland- Antawn Jamison
To Washington- Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and a 1st Round Pick

This is the most realistic deal of any of the ones I have. This deal is a great deal for both sides. The Cavs get another big weapon, and great scorer. Jamison can take a back seat to LeBron, but still contribute a lot. Jamison is averaging just short of 23 and 10.

The Wizards get an expiring contract in Ilgauskas, who they can then waive and he can go
back to Cleveland. The Wizards desperately want to restart and get rid of every one, and this will be a big step.


Kings, Jazz, & Hornets

To Sacramento- Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, and a 1st Round Pick (Utah)
To Utah- Kevin Martin, David West, Julian Wright
To New Orleans- Carlos Boozer

This makes sense for the Kings because Maritin and Evans don't play well together, and that is the worst thing that can happen for Kings. The Kings will get two exipiring contract and a first round pick to help out with their rebuild process.

The Jazz benefit the most, they get a great scorer in Kevin Martin and a player that is under contract that can replace Boozer when he leaves. West is very similar to Boozer, and will help the Jazz in the future.

The Hornets get Boozer, which is perfect for the Hornets. New Orleans is trying to dump contracts and shed salary, and Boozer's deal is up at the end of the year.


Those are 4 blockbuster deals, that will probably never happen, but leave comments anyways on what you thought.


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