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I'm no lover of Michael Vick. Anyone who's read my blog knows that. However, I was deeply disturbed when I learned the Falcons were going after $22 million of his signing bonus.

The amount of money Vick has made the Falcons and owner Arthur Blank over the last six years is incalculable. His jersey was the top seller, his star power attracted many free agents who otherwise probably wouldn't have signed with Atlanta (Rod Coleman, Joe Horn, Warrick Dunn, Coach Bobby Petrino), and he is at least partly responsible for the Falcons' 51 consecutive sellouts. In short, he is the reason the Falcons are prospering so well as a franchise, from a value standpoint. Going after the bonus makes them look like users. After all, they should have done their due diligence before they ever offered the contract. I find it very hard to believe that absolutely no one in the organization knew anything about what Vick was doing.

Please see my point here, though. Atlanta drafts Vick, maximizes his publicity (which they have a right to do, of course), makes a pile of money, then turns around and goes after him for more money. Not to mention the fact that taxes and agent's fees have already been paid on the bonus, so all Atlanta is really entitled to is what's left over. That's if there's anything at all, because all Vick has to do is file bankruptcy. Atlanta will never be able to squeeze him then. As much as I hate to admit it, the Falcons are better off letting this one go.

Quick Thoughts

1. The fan who caught Barry Bonds' #756 ball should fight the federal government tooth and nail for his right to keep the ball without paying any taxes on it. The government has no right to assign an arbitrary value to anything for tax purposes. Until that fan decides to sell the ball at auction, it is worth approximately $14.99 (the cost of a brand new official major-league baseball at Target.) All this does is make sure every valuable artifact in society ultimately ends up in the hands of rich people, probably the same rich people who fund the campaigns of the morons who made this BS part of the tax code in the first place. 

2. Speaking of bonus recovery, what leg do the Buccaneers think they have to stand on when it comes to Jake Plummer? They didn't even pay him a bonus and now all of a sudden tbey want $7 million after trying to blackmail him into playing.

3. Just finished Tony Dungy's book Quiet Strength. 301 pages and God is on every one of them. It belongs on everyone's reading list. He was too good for Tampa Bay, and even though they won't admit it publicly, they regret letting him go. Trust me.

4. What happened in Houston is the reason Wal-Mart executives should never be allowed to own major sports teams. Less than two years after going to the World Series, Drayton McLane fires Phil Garner and Tim Purpura. Sad thing is they were only 9 games out of first. If I could become president for a day, the first thing I would do is sign an executive order banning despicable corporations from owning sports teams. Discriminatory? Yes. Necessary? Even more.

5. So what if NBA refs drop a few coins in the slot machines? As far as I'm concerned, they don't make enough money for the league to tell them what to do on their own time.

6. Third and goal, five yard line and the Dallas Cowboys down 21-13, why does Wade Phillips call for a handoff?

7. I think the James Posey signing could be a stroke of genius for the Boston Celtics. One more solid bench player and they will be set.

8. Oh, Alberto Gonzales, I am so sad to see you go...NOT!!!!!! Should've happened months ago. Maybe Bush will do us all a favor and be next.


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