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I have seen a hundred top 10 or top 25 lists by now, so I decided to put a spin on it.  Here are the bottom 10, the 10 worst teams in the country:

110: (out of 119)  UAB: Sucky.  Really bad.  Hoping for 2 wins at maximum this season.  Not a lot to say here.

111: Syracuse: Oh, the Orangemen.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Once at least a respectable D 1-A team, now barely passes as D 1-AA team.  Has one conference win in two seasons.  Will be lucky to add to that total this year.

112: Stanford: Lost to UC Davis last season, a D-1 transfer school.  New coach Jim Harbaugh is lookiing to take this team up the ladder, but has some major work to do.  Recieved a big blow when sophomore DT Sione Fua left on a two-year Morman expedition.  Might get one Pac-10 victory.

113: North Texas: When you stink, and you're in the Sun Belt conference, you know you really stink.  Shooting for 6th in the Sun Belt.  6th.  In the Sun Belt.  Ouch.  Also looking at max 2 wins.

114: Eastern Michigan: I couldn't make it through this list with out a Directional State University on it.  Rough going for EMU in the MAC West, which is "dominated" by rival Western Michigan.  Probably not going to win a conference game this season. 

115: Temple: Actually on their way up after breaking a long losing streak last year against Bowling Green.  Just looking for a win, but might get left wishing.  Good luck to the Owls, but luck's about all they've got to work on.

116: Buffalo: The third MAC team on here in a row.  Chance are they won't win a game this year.  In fact, just read the Temple entry.

117: Utah State: Playing in the WAC, which at least is competent, they also might get left wishing for a win.  I don't really know what to say for these guys, other than that they will suck.

118: Duke: Just couldn't put them in the bottom spot.  Carrying a 20 game losing streak into this season, and look for it to extend to 32 losses in a row come December.  I can pretty much guarantee they won't win a game.

119: Florida International: Yes, there really is a team in the country worse than Duke.  In fact, they could pair them up in January and call it the Toilet Bowl.  Seriously, though, not a lot to say other than they aren't going to win a game this year.  Period.

There you have it.  I will continue this every week (probably Monday or Tuesday) as some of these teams win, God forbid.  What'd you think?


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