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Red state, blue about Purple State? Yes, Massachusetts turned purple tonight. Scott Brown, former Massachusetts state Senator, now United States Senator, lands what was once thought of unthinkable...a Liberal seat.

The seat, once held by the late Ted Kennedy, turned Red tonight. With this new Senator, the Democrats lose their fillabuster-proof majority in the Senate, and in all likelyhood, their Health Care bill. So what is next?

Democrats have two opitions. The first option is to listen to Massachusetts and wait for Scott Brown to get down to Capital Hill to voice his (Massachusetts') opinion.

The second option is to go through with the "nuclear plan." This plan has the House accepting everything that the Senate wants, just so we can have universal health care. If this were to happen, let's just say we might see civil war. Massachusetts will march on Capital Hill, and truely turn the state Red come November 2.


But enough of this, let's talk about how we got here. A few weeks ago, following the prelimaries here in Massachusetts, the big bad Attorney General faced off against a little state Senator. Polls had Martha Coakley ahead by as many as 20 points. But, Scott Brown did not give up. He took to the road, running a Sentoral campaign the way that would make the founding fathers proud. His campaign was down at the local level. He went to town halls, road-side Mom and Pop stores. Donut shops. Little Resurants. Every thing he did, made him more and more popular.

How did Martha Coakley respond? Attack ad after attack ad after smearing, after attack ad. I saw no ads saying what Coakley would do. The only ads I saw was calling Brown a right-wing nutjob with an agenda that would kill America. Scott Brown wanted to be the 41st vote to kill Health Care, something that would cripple America. Well, guess what? Massachusetts wanted to cripple Health Care and save America.

This past weekend, guess who visited? Instead of campaigning like Brown did, Coakley called for the Clintons and the Obamas to help her. Obama plead with Massachusetts to vote for what America needed...guess what? They voted exactly for what MASSACHUSETTS needed, not America. Why? Because Senators represent their state, not the country.


I met Scott Brown a couple of weeks ago, and what he is saying tonight is exactly what he told me then. He will work with Republicans and Democrats, but will not vote along party lines. He told me that he will vote to what I want. And to what the waitress at the counter wants. And to what the people of Massachusetts wants.


Democrats, are you scared yet? You thought you owned Massachusetts. You thought that there was no possible way for you to lose Ted Kennedy's seat. You thought that you could not lose a seat held by Democrats since the early 1950s...think back idiots. John Kennedy, if he was to run for president today, he would fail as a Democrat, but would be respected by Republicans (and probably win as a Republicans). Bobby (up until 1968), was real conservative. I wonder what happened to Ted? Maybe that apple fell far from the tree.

In closing, remember this: if Massachusetts could vote in a Republicans to Kennedy's seat, what is the rest of the country capable of? This is the first step to bringing back America to a respectable level.

What can Brown do for you? Nothing for you, unless you live in Massachusetts. He is my Senator, not yours...go vote for your Scott Brown November 2. Mr. Brown, "Gas The Truck!"


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