1.  Division I-A Football needs to have a consensus national champion.
  • The bowl season will now include a championship series taking the conference champions of the 6 major conferences and two at-large teams from the mid major conference champion pool which will become an 8 team playoff.
  • The playoffs will be hosted by the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Chik-Fil-A Bowl(Peach), and Music City Bowl venues.
  • The Venue Sites will rotate yearly and the playoffs will span three weeks ending around the 7th or 8th of January; A venue will host the 1 NC, 2 Semi Finals, and 4 Quarter Finals every 7 years never hosting a Quarter Final game consecutive years more than once during the time span.
  • The rest of the bowl season will feature exhibition games similar to what the NIT serves as in the NCAA basketball format; they may not occur past Jan.1st or the end of that weekend
  • None of the playoff teams are eligible for bowl games
  • The play off venue sites may host bowl games, but must follow the stipulations of the final date of the other bowl games
  • The playoffs will be seeded and teams invited by a committee similar to the NCAA basketball selection committee; Members of the committee will serve no longer than two consecutive years at a time.
  • The BCS computers will factor in strength of schedule and then be used as a tool to help seed the teams for the playoffs.
  • The committee will release power rankings beginning after the fourth week of the season which will be subjective(but informed opinions due to intense study of the national scene and tools such as the BCS computers)
  • The committee will then release an NCAA football Final Standings Poll at the end of the season. The #1 ranking will go to the Championship Series Champion and be the only officially recognized national champion for the year. The rest of the rankings would not be determined by finish in the playoffs
  • They should issue out the money from the playoff games to the conferences depending on how many games their conference's team wins
  • o I think they could consider regional or traditional match ups in earlier rounds of the playoffs
  • o I think they need seven venues(even though Music City Bowl might be considered weak) with one as close as possible to the Midwest and Northeast with weather being considered
  • o I think if there is a problem with the amount of games being potentially played make people play 11 regular season again it would be equivalent to the plus one format with a super conference winning the NC.
  • o The Regular season is still important because you have to be a conference champion to go to the playoffs

2.  All independents must join a conference

3.  No Division I-AA schools can be scheduled by a major conference team.  Mid major conference teams may schedule one every two years.

4.  A major conference team must play at least one out-of-conference away game with a team from a major conference every two years.


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