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Mark Martin blocks Juan from a win in the first race of the chase at Loudon, well is okay , Martin is a good guy, I'm sure he's sorry!

Mark Martin jacks Juan's rear panel at Lowes after No. 24 does another one of his slow starts and ruined Juan's day, a move that proved to be the beginning of the end of a championship run for the No. 42, but that's fine, Martin is sorry! Just could not stop. Just a racing incident.

Carl Edwards loosen Juan Pablo Montoya up, after his second try ( I guess he couldn't the first time) and ruins an opportunity for Juan to get back into the chase, but it's okay , Edwards is sorry!

So the summery of this chase for Juan Pablo Montoya has been, "hey sorry jack" or I should say "lo siento Juan I've been jacking you, but god! I'm really sorry".

Sooner or later that has to get old, right? We can at least agree on that.

Let's review these chase spoiling events a little closer.

The block at Loudon:

You remember that one don't you? Martin slows down in the turn to break Juan's momentum , the No. 42 pulls up rather than just moving Martin out the way and win the race.

It cost him the win and a few spots.

Did Juan pull up out of respect?

Probably , but why does a driver owe anything to another driver when there is a win at stake?

Specially in a championship race.

I argue that more respect is owed to the crew, the sponsors and the guy who spends millions of dollars every year to hire the drivers and keep the race cars running .

The best way to show respect to those folks is to win.

Is that a reasonable argument?

I would bet Tony Stewart didn't give it one millisecond of thought about pulling up at the 2009 Daytona coke zero 400 when Kyle Busch tried to block him for the win, remember what Stewart did to the No. 18?

Just in case you don't , he jacked him, punted him, moved him out of the way and won the race.

He did not pull up!

Good for Tony, that's racing , he got the win.

I didn't hear one media person say that was a dirty move, did you?

Another example of a driver making the right choice was at this seasons first Talladega race, Carl Edwards tried to block Keselowski for the win and Carl got punted because Keselowski did not pull up.

An excellent decision by the young driver, he got the win for his team.

The first race of the 2009 chase was Montoya's to win , he had it, he had the fastest race car that day, all he had to do is move Mark Martin out of the way, he clearly was trying to slow down momentum.

I'm sure the media and fans would of crucified Montoya for it, but so what, Tony didn't care, Keaelowski didn't care, so why should Montoya.

Juan Pablo Montoya gave away that race. Just my opinion .

Montoya did say after the race it was a learning experience, well I hope he learned that if he has someone on his way and their slower or is trying to blocking him, they should either move over or be moved, which ever they prefer, just like Stewart and Keselowski did!


Lets move on to the next "Oops I did it again"

The crunch at Lowe's:

Accidents do happen, that's understandable, and this one might have been just that, an accident.

A question still needs to be asked, why do the Hendrick teams have a hard time on restarts ? they seamed to consistently bunch up the field.

Could that be some kind of team strategy?

Have you noticed that or is it just me?

Well it's okay because I'm sure they're sorry!

Enough said about that!

And last, the Texas massacre!

Texas and Edwards , "let me loosen you one more time baby":

This one I just don't get , here is what Edwards said after the race, not an exact word by word quote but the content is accurate, -I gave him less room before and I didn't get him loose, so this time I gave him more room and he got loose- oh okay! I had to laugh at that.

Here is a post race quote from Montoya:

"I think Carl (Edwards) was really close to me and drove right beside me and the car got loose and I lost it. With these cars, that is just going to happen."

Now help me understand this, No. 99 knows he could of gotten him loose by racing that close, the first time he made the move it was fine, but I guess he just wanted to keep on trying until it did get him loose, right ? well give that man a cigar , he did it , in only two tries!

But heck once again he is sorry, all is well.

So what's the point of this story? I'ts actually very simple.

If Juan Pablo Montoya wants to win consistently in 2010, he need to learn the various uses of those magical cure all words :


Those two words have given many drivers a free pass in the public opinion arena.

I punt you or ruined your day but hey, I'm really sorry, so I'm okay.

It's unfortunate, Juan Pablo lost an opportunity to win this year because he did not want to say the words " I'M SORRY" to Mark Martin.

Yet, I never heard Mark say "sorry I blocked you" did you?

Of course not , it's racing, those things happen, just as moving someone out of the way is just racing. Period!

You could say No. 42 was "I'M SORRY" right out of championship contention.

In 2010 the No. 42 team song should be, Brenda Lee's , "I'm sorry"

They should move folks out of the way and send them that song.

Here is a link , enjoy!



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