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I am retiring from Fannation. Ok, stop the cheering. Settle down class. Seriously, stop clapping. Yes, it is with some trepidation that I leave the site. It's been a great ride and I have had a lot of fun. I will also remove myself from all of my fan groups. Again, stop cheering. Settle down. I am not leaving entirely due to the fact that Fannation seems to be going downhill. It is primarily that I do not have the time to invest in researching Throwdowns and blog subjects. Even though it has been a while since I blogged (insert your own joke here). I need to devote my time to my other endeavors.

First, I have reached the conclusion that while I love the company I work for and I really do like my boss; I am bored with my job. I decided that I need to make a career change before I am too old. Once men get to their mid to late 40s, job prospects decrease exponentially. I will be 40 later this year. In order to help my future career change, I am going back to school (insert Rodney Daingerfield impersonation here) to get a degree in the field which I am hoping to move into.

Secondly, I have been pursuing my dream of being a writer and started a book earlier this summer. Obviously school will interfere with my writing time but I will keep pressing on. If push comes to shove, my book will take a back seat to school though. I firmly believe that one day I will get published, but until then I need a real job; hence, my decision to go back to school.

Third, I will need to leave the weekends open for my family. My family comes before school and my book, even though my kids are "helping" me write it. One is a 5th grader and the other is in 7th but they do give coherent input occasionally.

Before I leave I need to send a shout-out to some folks on here:

To our men and women serving overseas, you will always be in my prayers. Keep your head down and come home safely.

B0mb3rs, congrats on 200 wins. I know you fought hard for them

The Commish, thanks. You were my first TD opponent (and friend) and you taught me a lot about TDs. So, stay with it and give ‘em hell out there. Keep the rookies in line and don't let the young ‘uns disrespect their elders. Also, it is inevitable so I will say a future congrats on your soon to be 200th win.

Dan TM, I appreciate your comments to my blogs. They gave me some things to think about and how to improve them.

Adam Lee, don't sweat it, you are still the King of Fannation. The people who bad mouth you are just jealous.

The Ladies of Fannation, Lana, Cassidy, et al, you really know your sports. Don't let these guys pull anything on you.

Coach, if anyone gives you any lip, make them run laps until you pass out from exhaustion

Amazing Grace, God bless you and keep trying to spread the Truth

The young ‘uns and rookies, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!

Thanks to all of my friends.

I will pop in once in a while leave some drivel. You may see some comments to the 10 Spot blog, or other SI writers' blogs. Finally, if you want to keep up with my adventures, it is still a work in progress, but check out:


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