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Last year, the Mets were a powerhouse. They were a dominant team. They were clutch, played hard, and almost always got the big hit and the big out. Last year, they finished 97-65 which was the best record in the N.L. and tied for the best record in MLB(with the other NY team). They completely obiliterated the Dodgers but then Yadier Molina crushed a high,fly ball into left. Also crushed the 2006 Met season. This year, it is obvious that they are nowhere near as good as last year. The hitting is still tough but very streaky, the pitching staff is not automatic in any sense of the word, and the bullpen looks shot already. This was obvious before the Phillies ate them alive for their 4 game series(Wake up, Wagner!).

Alot of people are still picking the Mets to go to the WS. Some people are picking them becacuse they feel they should've been their last year so they'll make it this year. Other people believe they will for different reasons. But I've noticed quite a number of people believe so because of the first reason. This team is just not the same. Add the fact that the N.L. is getting better. So, with me pointing out the 2006 season and this season, there is a difference(The Mets are currently 73-59 and 2 games in first). But something must have happened in between. That is what this blog will be about. The fact that Omar pushed the wrong buttons this offseason. I realize that Omar has given this franchise a new look and made it more exciting. He has made it alot better basically. But during the offseason, he made some big mistakes.

Mets Trade Brian Bannister To the Royals For Ambiorix Burgos- At first, this trade looked like it could have paid off huge for the Mets. These were Burgos' stats last year with the Royals:

4-5, 5.52 ERA, 72 Ks, 37 BBs, 16 HRs, And 45 Runs In 73.1 Innings, BAA Of .288

When you first look at those #s, they look terrible. and they pretty much are. But, you have to understand that Burgos was, and still is, believed to have alot of talent. He throws very hard and sometimes has great stuff that is nearly unhittable. But he is very inconsistent and his control isn't too good yet. He is like Kyle Farnsworth only he is younger, not as big, and he ain't white. I can see what the Mets were thinking by making this trade, but why the hell would you trade Bannister? Last year(before he got injuried), he was having a pretty good year and showing quite a bit of potential.

2-1, 4.26 ERA, 19 Ks, 22 BBs, 4 HRs, And 18 Runs In 38 Innings

Granted, the Mets probably didn't like the fact he had more walks than strikeouts, but he still showed he had pretty good stuff. So I don't know why they would trade a young starter with potential for a younger reliever who has not lived up to his potential yet. Well right now, the trade isn't looking too good. First, look at how great Bannister has been in the A.L., in a tough division, and on a bad team:


And that is what the Mets could use. Imagine a young, 1-2-3 order of Maine, Perez, and Bannister. That would be very solid. And with Pedro coming back, the rotation would be alot more complete. Instead, they have Dave Willaims(21.60 ERA, WOW) and Jorge Sosa(who is more unpredictable then Perez). Add Glavine and Hernandez and you got a 6 man rotation, which would help all these pitchers since all of the Mets pitchers are either young or old. And in the playoffs, that would help the bullpen. Speaking of that...

Mets Trade Heath Bell And Royce Ring To The Padres For Ben Johnson And Jon Atkins- The Padres have been famous at getting no-names and putting them in the right spot to help the team. This is what they did with Bell And Ring. These are Royce's stats:


Small sample, still pretty good. And here are Bell's stats:


Larger sample. He has been one of the best set-up men in baseball. He is one of the big reasons why the Padres were able to trade Scott Linebrink(who has struggled very much since wearing a Brewers uniform). He has helped fill in the gap to Hoffman. Meanwhile, Ben Johnson is hitting a whopping .185 with 1 RBI. He got called up but got sent down about 5 minutes later. And Jon Atkins has never even reached the majors yet. Now, I understand that Heath Bell struggled with the Mets. And I also know that he didn't like it here. He didn't even like Rick Peterson. But the Mets knew he had good stuff. So even if you trade him, at least try to get something you can use. Another bad trade. Maybe this was more of a great move by the Padres than a bad move by the Mets. Even so.

Chad Bradford Signs With The Orioles For 3 Years/$10.5 million- Chad Bradford was great for the Mets in 2006.

4-2, 2.90 ERA, 45 Ks, 13 BBs, 1 HR, And 20 Runs In 62 Innings

Now, the Mets once again had some logic here. They had Joe Smith ready and they didn't want to give a reliever a 3 year deal. but, this team could use Chad right now. Joe Smith has been good(2-1, 3.03 ERA) but he has struggled recently, which is the reason he is not in the majors anymore(at the moment). Chad is not doing as good as last year(2-6,3.76 ERA) , but he would have put some experience and depth in the bullpen. And he is facing tougher line-ups in the A.L.

Darren Oliver Signs A One Year Deal With The Angels- Lets compare Oliver's stats with Scott Schoeneweis' stats(who they brought in to replace Oliver AND they gave him a 3 year deal). The first stat line is for Oliver, with the 2nd being Schoeneweis:



As you can see, Oliver's stats are so much better. I know Oliver is 36, but the Angels got away with giving him only 1 year. Wouldn't that be a better option then giving a guy who has been a tease a 3 year contract? Why would you give him a 3 year deal when you couldn't give Bradford one even though Bradford has much better stats? Doesn't make much sense. And wouldn't it be less risky to get a proven vet for one year then take a gamble for 3 years? Add the fact that Scott S. career ERA is 5.03! Don't know what Omar was thinking. I could see him giving Bradford a 3 year deal because he is a good pitcher.

Let me clarify, I think the Mets are winning the divison. The Phillies and Braves are far too inconsistent. But these moves(or non-moves) have hurt the season for the Mets. It has become clear that the Mets could use more pitching. I wonder why...I'm done.


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