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The New York Yankees did what I figured they weren't capable of doing. They swept the Boston Red Sox even when they had Matsuzaka, Beckett, and Schilling all take the hill during the series. The Yankees literally dominated all 3 games. Clemen's pitched beautifully in Game 2, and then Wang was just Wang in Game 3. In all of this mess, the Yankees brought the Red Sox AL East lead down from 8 games to 5 games. The Yankees also took over 1st place in the Wild Card. The Seattle Mariners got swept by the Angels and have dropped to 5.5 back of them. The Yankees hold a small 1 game lead over Seattle. And I'd like to formally call out Joba Chamberlain. Hey Joba! Forget the rules! I'm right here! I'm Rosie Frickin O'Donnell! Take a shot at me! Throw that heat at my head!

And one thing that has also transpired due to the Yankees beating down my beloved Red Sox, is that my name is now messed up. My pic is now a pic of Rosie O'Donnell. My name is Mac: Ervin Owns Me* Yanks Suck. I threw in "Yanks Suck" because I was bitter. I indeed lost the bet I had going with Coletrain. And I have to say "master" whenever I am speaking to him. I get to go back to my normal self on Saturday at midnight. Damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team USA had one team that they had to beat to prove how truely dangersous they were. They came in Thursday night undefeated to face the only remaining undefeated team other than them, Argentina. The Argentina team has not had 5 of their big names that helped bring home a gold in Athens. Manu Ginobli being one of those names. Team USA for the 1st time in the FIBA America's Tournament didn't reach 100 points. Team USA won 91-76. I keep reading how Team USA dominated and how great they looked vs Argentina. Hello? They were for the 1st time held under 100 points, and beat a band of backups by only 15 points! Excuse me, but if Argentina had their big guns for this game I do believe that on that night at least, Argentina could have beaten Team USA. Team USA locked up the #1 seed now for the Semis, and will go on to win the Tourney, no doubt. But come Olympics time, Argentina will have their real team together. And Coach K better have Team USA ready for them. These two teams will meet for the Gold Medal Game.

45-0. That's what #2 LSU did to Mississippi State on Thursday night. 7 TO's forced by LSU's defense. That was what won the game. LSU's offense was dreadful in the 1st half. They scored 2 late TD's, but both came off of TO's that put them on a short field. LSU did not at all look like the #2 team in the nation during the 1st half. At least the offense didn't. The 2nd half came, and LSU started to roll. The defense racked up 3 more TO's. The offense began to move and score at will, even with the backups late in the 4th Quarter. And I would contribute that to how demoralized State was due to how their QB had thrown 6 INT's. Poor Henig. His passes were sailing on him all night and he was getting battered all night. By the end of the 3rd Quarter, Henig was limping around in the huddle. LSU faces Virginia Tech next week, and that is when they will have to prove they are worthy of the #2 ranking and a projected spot in the National Championship Game.

We all know that Cycling, the NFL, the MLB, and other majors sports have drug testing policies. We know they need them as well. But what in the world does golf need it for? Tim Finchem, the commisioner of the PGA, announced that they would be starting to use drug testing by 2008. Hold on, mic check...testing's working...ok...WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THE PGA NEED DRUG TESTING FOR?!?!?! Is Tiger Wood's being suspected of tossing some HGH in his diet? Is Tiger the Barry Bonds of the PGA? Are people afraid that some guys are using some steroids to help with their stamina? I mean, I guess guys get so tired after riding a golf cart and walking the greens all day.

"I think we're at a point where to maintain confidence in the public and the fans, we have to take this step, even though there's great speculation about the extent to which substances can help you in this game,'' Finchem said.

David Beckham, the guy that got paid $250 million to come and make soccer important in America just got his bubble bursted. In a game vs Russia, Beckham suffered a knee injury. And guess what?! He will be out for 4-6 weeks. Wow! Great job! Great job LA Galaxy in spending so much money on a guy that was over the hill, and that wasn't going to bring your garbage team to the playoffs anyway! Great marketing! You really changed the hearts of America, we love soccer now! We love seeing Beckham, who should just go into acting since he's in Los Angeles, get hurt! We American's love how our day was ruined because of a soccer game that we really were excited to see got ruined due to an injury of a player we really care about...Wait, what?

Jon Stewart continues to make me laugh. Recently he and his staff put up a video that basically made fun of Bush, like they usually do. "Magical History Tour". But this one, was gold. Stephen Colbert can do his "The Word", he can run around taking in all the applause, he can have non constructive interviews all he wants! But he can never take away how clever Stewart is. BOO-YAH!!! 

"Magical History Tour"

And what happened to the New York Mets? How do you get swept by the Philadelphia Phillies? In 4 games?!?! They went from having a 6 game lead, to now only a 2 game lead on the Phillies. Pat Burrell is a monster against the Mets. The guy has 41 career HR's vs them. And that is 19% of his HR's vs any MLB team. The Mets are getting ready to have a series with the Atlanta Braves who are now only 4.5 back of the Mets. The Mets are obviously not what they were in 2006. This race is heating up. Maybe the city of Philadelphia will FINALLY have something to cheer about in October.


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