# 5 Matt Hughes

       Matt Hughes is one of the most successful fighters ever to step inside the octogan. Hughes put together an incredible 6 fight win streak on two seperate occasions, won the Welterweight belt on two seperate occasions, and defended his belt a record seven times. He is tied with the legendary Chuck Liddel with 16 wins inside the octogan. Matt Hughes has also passed his knowledge of fighting on to many young fighters, coaching twice on The Ultimate Fighter, and guest coaching for Jens Pulver on the same show. He has also always been a constant PPV draw for the UFC, fighting in nine main events. He has been a very mature spokesperson for the UFC, and has written a novel about his exploits as a fighter. 


#4 Chuck Liddel

     Chuck Liddell was the first real mainstream celebrity of MMA.  Since 2003, Chuck has become almost a household name in North America and even Japan. He was the first fighter ever to be featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine, and has appeared in many television shows and movies. He has even competed on the nineth season of Dancing with the Stars. These acts of publicity helped enormously with putting MMA on the map. For being the first star outside of hardcore MMA fans, Chuck Liddell deserves the number four spot.


#3 Fedor Emilianenko

      The Randy Couture of Russia, Fedor is arguably the best fighter ever. He is essentially untouchable inside the ring, or cage, or wherever you put him. Sporting one of the best records in the history of MMA, Fedor has beaten the who's who of MMA, and then some. He is a star in Europe, Asia, and North Americ. He's responsible for putting MMA on the charts in Russia, and putting on some of the biggest fights ever for Affliction, and Strikeforce in the United States, and Pride FC in Japan. He has been one of the biggest PPV draws ever, and is a national hero in his homecountry of Russia.


#2 Randy Couture

      When it comes to MMA, Randy Couture is probably the best known name today. Whether it's his acting, or his fighting, Randy Couture has been widely credited with bringing MMA into the pop-culture. The UFC Hall of Famer has been in some of the biggest fights in the history of MMA, including two with Chuck Liddell, and Vitor Belfort respectively, as well as against Tim Sylvia at UFC 68, where he won the Heavyweight belt at the age of 42. He became the oldest fighter to win a UFC fight when he defeated Brandon Vera at UFC 105. He continues to fight competitively even to the day, despite being almost an unbelievable 47 years old.


 # 1 Royce Gracie

     This goes without saying. Not only was Royce an incredibly successful fighter himself, winning the UFC 1, 2, and 4 tournaments, but he inspired many to join MMA with his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. Furthermore, he is credited with being the first to successfully incorporat Jiu Jitsu into MMA. He is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, being the first fighter to win a UFC event. For successfully incorporating a new style of fighting into professional MMA, as well as being the figure who inspired countless people to start training in MMA, Royce Gracie takes the number 1 spot on the list.



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