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First of all, I'd like to thank NC for giving me a chance to blog for this group.  I will always blog for your group if you ask me and if I agree with your group's purpose.  This will also be the first time in a long time that I didn't send out so-called "spam" to others.  I really like the idea of this group, I ask all people who are active daily to join.  This way, everyone will see your blogs.  Then the only people you'll be getting junkmail from is new members.  My bad, let me begin.  Just in case you haven't noticed, David Beckham has been declared out for the remainder of the MLS season.  This is something that will affect the league greatly.  So here, I will list the people affected.

1. The LA Galaxy will be affected the most by Becks injury.  When he arrived, the Galaxy were in need of a boost.  And now, it appears as they will not make the MLS Cup Playoffs for the second year in a row.  The team, even with Beckham hasn't played very well.  Now, without the best player in the league out, they aren't in good hands.  Expect to see a lot of changes this coming season for the Galaxy.  Alexi Lalas will probably not be back and Juerguen Klinsmann has been linked to the coach's job (I don't know about the truth of this).   So, expect Frank Yallop to also be out of town next year too.

 2. The fans. Some fans have decided to ask for a refund.  They expected Beckham to play, and that just isn't going to happen.  Here are my words of support for the fans: who cares, get over it.  You pay to see two teams play, not a player.  If you want to see an individual player play, then go get a US Open ticket and go watch the best tennis player in the world, Roger Federer or turn on Tiger Woods golf.  You should get over it, I don't hear Giants fans asking for refunds when Barry Bonds doesn't play.  My message to MLS: don't give any money back, you dished it out to Becks, and he brought it in for you.

 3. The England National Team.  Steve McClaren and company are hurting badly.  They are currently in a bad position.  They started out very slow, many thinking that they couldn't make the Euro 200 finals.  But Beckham's return gave them some hope.  He led them to two wins as he made great crosses for his beloved country.  Now, England will have to get themselves out of a rut without Beckham.  When Becks does come back for England, he will be rusty and the last few competitive he has played would have been against a few MLS teams and one decent Mexican team.  England's best hope is thta he comes back uninjured and joins a Premier League team to stay competitive for the Euro 2008.

Another thing that will interstign to see is how MLS will handle the Euro situation.  I'm sure a few will have something to complain about.

I would like to thank David once again for the opportunity to blog on here.  I would also like to thank all of my blog readers for their continued support.


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