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The first week of the 2007 NCAA College Football Season was both good and bad for me.

 The good was the fact that my Buckeyes won their first game against Youngstown State in the HorseShoe today.  The other good thing was Ohio State's rival, Michigan, lost at home to Appalachian State, a 1-AA school.  

 The bad was that overall most teams didn't play up to their ability.  There were a lot of teams that couldn't even beat the spread.  Here are the 5 teams that were a disappointment this week.


1. Michigan 0-1

Plain and simple.  You play a 1-AA school, you win.  You play a 1-AA school at home, you win big.  The Wolverines didn't do either and played an all around bad game.  I am a hugh Buckeye fan, so I want LLLLLyod to stay as coach of the Wolves for as long as possible.  Why?  Because every year he is there mean I can add another win for the Buckeyes against that team up North.  I think Llyod is gone after this year regardless of what he does, but a loss against Ohio State will secure it.  He has used his get out of jail free card (1997 Championship) too many times, and he is out of excuses.  Carr says he takes full responsibility for their loss today.  Now he needs to take full responsibility for the past 3 years against Ohio State.

 2. Virginia Tech 1-0

This was my pre-season pick to win the National Championship because I felt if they beat LSU in Death Valley next Saturday they would have an easy road to an ACC Title and an undefeated season.  I am not too confident after their performance against lowly East Carolina.  After the tragedy in April I thought this team would come out with a lot of emotion and take their devastation out on a bad football team.  Well, part one of that sentence happened, but part two did not.  Tech was a 27.5 point favorite.  The final score was 17-7.  I am already regretting my pick.

 3. Texas 1-0

My pre-season pick to win the Big 12 Championship was involved in a scary game that almost cost them their shot at a National Championship.  Texas came into the game a 39 point favorite at home against Arkansas State.  The only reason Texas won today was because of Arkansas's inability to convert on 3rd down (3/12).  Arkansas St had 397 yards of offense and Texas had 340. Arkansas St had 1 turnover and Texas had 2.  Arkansas State even had the ball for longer in this game.  I was also very disappointed with Colt McCoy.  223 yards 2 TD's and 2 INT's is not very good against a team that will be fighting for last place in the Sun Belt.

 4. Auburn 1-0

I didn't see this whole game, but I saw enough to see that Auburn barely escaped.  Down 13-9 with 4 minutes to go Auburn eventually roared down the field to score a touchdown to go up by 3, and then eventually force a fumble and return it for a touchdown.  The spread in this game was 13, which I think was too low.  Neither team was very effective rushing the ball (110 yards combined on 50 carries).  Kansas State had more yards on the offensive side of the ball but ultimately the penalty yards piled up.  Kansas State gave up 144 yards on 16 penalties which really helped Auburn out.  But poor coaching and the O-Line completely collapsing late in the game allowed Auburn to come outon top.  I don't think Auburn won this game as much as KSU lost it.

 5. Tennessee 0-1

The game between Tennesse and Cal was pretty good until we got into the middle of the 3rd.  Tennessee had no answer to Cal's offense surrendering  231 yards rushing and 471 yards of total offense.  Just watching the Cal halfbacks completely own the Tennessee Defense is what made me put Tennessee on this list.  Also, Cal averaged more than 2 yards per play better than Tennessee did on the offensive side of the ball.  Tennessee couldn't tackle anyone tonight and was part of the reason Cal put up a 45 spot.  The punt return by Deshawn Jackson was just the tip of the Iceberg in Tennessee's disappointing performance tonight.


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