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As if injuries and real life controversy haven't done enough damage to the WWE writing, the new round of 11 suspensions continues to undo so much creative. Titles are going to be dropped by John Morrison and Umaga, which is such a waste after both of them being so over with their recent pay-per-view title defenses. Randy Orton is always in trouble and according to WWE attorney Jim McDevitt, one superstar is receiving a double suspension for being a repeat offender. According to some reports Orton did wrestle at a house show this weekend while Umaga & Kennedy were pulled from the card, so Orton may have dodged the bullet on being suspended this time, but we'll see. But beyond any question it is Mr. Kennedy's suspension that does the most damage. Once again the central WWE storyline, which had been planned and hyped for weeks, needs to be scrapped. This Kennedy guy continues to let his big break slip through his fingers; he got hurt right after winning the money in the bank match at Wrestlemania, and now he gets suspended right before being revealed as McMahon's illegitimate son. So NOW what do they do? McMahon already announced that the identity would be revealed on Monday, September 10 from Green Bay (Kennedy's home town). If he is suspended then they either have to draw out this angle even longer and make it even more painfully obvious than it already is, or for the 20th time this year come up with a new plan on the fly. I personally think that Kennedy has just screwed himself, much like Triple H did back in the 90's during the infamous "curtain call" in MSG. Now Kennedy is going to have to wait until another time to get his push, and until then will have to eat crap and like the taste of it. So if he's out for being McMahon's son, then who's in? It's not going to be someone who is already really over; the very point of the angle is to push someone new up real main event status. With so many stars being suspended I truly have no idea who might be named as the illegitimate son. not underestimate them calling the angle off as a result of Kennedy's suspension. All 4 McMahons are going to be on RAW tomorrow night. It is highly possible that Shane, Stephanie and Linda might reveal to Vince that they faked the whole paternity suit to get back at him for faking his death. The McMahon family members are used to get wrestlers over, so if the superstar who reaps the benefit of this angle is not going to be a heel to go with Vince, it could be a face who aligns with the other McMahons against Vince, who will then counter with standard heel suck-up characters. If the illegitimate son angle is called off because the McMahons pranked Vince, whose idea do you think it was? Of course you know by now that I am obviously speaking rhetorically and it is painfully clear that Triple H will end up with all the hype. And why not? Why not use it to get him more over and get him feuding with Vince again, especially with other McMahons involved? Triple H will invariably be chastised among marks, who will accuse him of holding Kennedy back, but the truth is that if you screw up, you pretty much blow your opportunity and have no one but yourself to blame. Who else on RAW is going to get this push right now? Everyone is freakin suspended or hurt so the smart thing to do is just push someone reliable who can draw even with a weak undercard. Cena will definitely hang on to that belt now with all this drama going on and Triple H can take the payoff of this angle, and between the two of them RAW is still strong enough to survive until other superstars return from suspension and injury.

On a closing note, I have never seen the list of top superstars who are out for one reason or another get so long. We've got Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Edge, Bobby Lashley, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, King Booker, John Morrison all out and Mark Henry's contract is going to expire soon. How many top guys are even left? There's John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, MVP, C.M. Punk, that's pretty much it. So half of the top talent is out right now. If they finally get their roster back up to full strength in time for the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, those cards are going to be stacked with talent and will be can't miss PPV's.


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