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Some of you have seen the comment by longhorn_lifer on my "Who's Next?" blog saying that I am plagiarizing blogs from http://ramblingsfromthesuburbs.blogspot.com/.  Well I am not.  That is my blogspot.  I created that blog because I like the interface a little bit better than the FanNation blogs interface and I wanted to find another audience and maybe get some more views.  I link my blogs from blogspot to FanNation (except on one occasion).  So am I plagiarizing by doing this?  Well maybe you should go after Steelercooz then, because he links to his outside blog occasionally.

I do not plagiarize.

This is even more ironic because I have reason to believe that longhorn_lifer is MCCOY4HEISMAN, who infamously was nailed by Eagles Fan In St. Louis for plagiarizing blogs written by James L. Ray from Suite101.  eaglemaniac814 first told me of his suspicions a while ago, and I just kept it to myself.

Well, my evidence: MCCOY4HEISMAN and longhorn_lifer are both named Jay Hulsey and are both from St. Louis.  When longhorn_lifer first joined the site, he was a 29-year old sportswriter, as MCCOY4HEISMAN was, before mysteriously becoming a 14-year old.  Both have the same images of Colt McCoy and Joakim Noah in their images (MCCOY4HEISMAN was formerly known as NOAH4PRESIDENT).  MCCOY4HEISMAN was deleted after he was exposed for copying the blogs from Suite101 and went on a "**** FANNATION" rant in a throwdown.  longhorn_lifer joined within a day of MCCOY4HEISMAN's deletion.

That might not seem like that much evidence, but still, he shouldn't be talking.

I do not plagiarize my blogs.

While your at it, check out my blogspot for some random blogs and my good friend ravensfan's blogspot for all of your Baltimore Orioles news.

Also, here is a FanMail that longhorn_lifer sent me:

  Re: FanNation.com: Shared Page - Group Message longhorn_lifer 09/02/07 11:43:14 Delete 1- You do copy blogs and I am positive that it isnt your blogspot that you get them from.

2- I DO NOT copy blogs. I never have, never will. I would like to see what you have against me that leads you to believe that.

You are just a little punehead.

DJTG_2010* is Dr. Cool. BS said:

DJTG_2010* is Dr. Cool. BS says to check out this page on FanNation.com:NFL Preview - Week 14Or copy and paste this url into your browser:http://fannation.com/blogs/post/55401DJTG_2010* is Dr. Cool. BS's message to you:Agree to disagree.

Later, I got bored and decided to do some more research, so I typed "jay hulsey st. louis" and the first link that popped up was "St. Louis Cardinals Fan Group New Members Feed" with the following:

St. Louis Cardinals Fan Group New Members feed - 7:32pm

Jay Hulsey Joined on 06/29/2007 at 06:12PM - St. Louis, MO Hey. I am a 29 year old St. Louisian. I went to college at University of Texas. ...
www.fannation.com/groups/member_rss/279 - 14k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

That is all that shows up.  Because of his original deletion he does not show up on the feed.  I think that should be sufficient enough to show that he is not who he says he is.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog was not to bust him on his real identity, but to prove that I was being accused of plagiarism by hypocrite, someone who originally plagiarized his blogs.



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