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1. USC 1-0

Any questions about this?

Next game: @ #20 Nebraska (September 15th) 

2. LSU 1-0

They kicked off the 2007 NCAA College Football season and demolished their opponent.  Any time you hold a team to zero points it's impressive.  Add on the 45 points they put up and LSU keeps their #2 spot.  Tough game against Virginia Tech this week. 

Next Game: #8 Virginia Tech  

3. West Virginia 1-0

316 yards rushing and 542 yards of total offense ensured the victory for West Virginia.  Along with LSU holding Miss St. to no points, I think putting up 62 points (as WVU did) on a D-1A is very impressive.  The Heisman Candidate, Steve Slaton, put up 108 yards and 4 TD's.  The other candidate (Pat White) threw for 192 yards and had 4 total TD's (2 rush).  I like the Mountaineer's this year.

Next Game: @ Marshall 

4. Texas Longhorns 1-0

I know this may be an unpopular spot for the Longhorns to be considering they beat Arkansas State by only 8 points, but a win is a win (try explaining that to the Wolverines). Some also might mention (as I did in my other blog) how the Longhorns were 39 point favorites but I just can't penalize a team for winning, even if it did look horrible.

Next Game: #22 TCU 

5. Florida 1-0

The newest team to enter the top 5 this week is the Gators.  With an impressive game by Tim Tebow (300 yards 4 TD's) and an impressive victory for the Gators (49-3) the Gators deserve to be in the top 5.  I was thoroughly impressed by the 500+ yards of offense the Gators put up and the fact that the Gators agev up just over 200 yards.  Very good first game for Urban Meyer's crew.

Next game: Troy

6. Wisconsin 1-0

The Badgers started right where they left off last year.  Winning.  With a 42-21 victory over Washington State the Badgers have an easy stretch of games where they could be in the top 5 either next week or the week after.  Incoming QB Tyler Donovan fit right in throwing for 284 yards and 3 touchdowns passing.  He also added a touchdown on the ground.  Should be smooth sailing for the Badgers until they play @ Penn State in week 7.

Next game: @ UNLV

7. Oklahoma 1-0

The Sooners did exactly what they had to do in week 1.  Win and win big.  They did both with 79-10 victory over lowly Sun Belt competitor North Texas.  Redshirt frosh QB Sam Bradford impressed the Sooner faithful by throwing for 363 yards and 5 TD's.  The defense also played well by allowing the Mean Green only 15 yards on the ground.  The Sooners face a tough test next week against the 'Canes.

Next game: Miami

8. Virginia Tech 1-0

Virginia Tech was one of my teams that I picked as a disappointment this week.  And in all honesty, they were.  They came into to lane Stadium a 27.5 point favorite and also riding a wave of emotion from the deadly shootings in April.  But what did the Hokies do?  Squeaked out a win against lowly East Carolina 17-7.  I picked Tech to win it all this year and to do that they are going to need a victory in Death Valley next Saturday.

Next Game; @ #2 LSU

9. Louisville 1-0

Louisville again was one of the teams that finished the job correctly.  They played a D 1-AA team and beat the 1-AA team (take notes Llyod).  A 73-10 victory is very convincing and so is the 655 yards of offense that the Cardinals put up.  Heisman candidate Brian Brohm had a great game putting up 375 yards and 4 TD's.  A with Wisconsin, Louisville will be free and clear of any losses until at least week 9.

Next game: Middle Tenn State

10. Ohio State 1-0

Ohio State is the new entry into the Top 10 this week. The Buckeyes also beat a 1-AA school (hey Mr. English, look at OSU's Defense).  The score of that  game was 38-6.  The rushing attack was less than splendid in the first half but Ohio State overcame that with great defense and a great passing attack.  417 yards of offense was what Ohio State put on the Penguins of Younstown State.  Todd Boeckman put up 225 yards passing and 2 Td's in his first career start as Buckeye's QB.  Along with a couple other teams in the top 10, Ohio State should go through the first 8 weeks of their schedule pretty easy.

Next game: Akron

Dropped out: #5 Michigan 

 Just missed: California, Georgia, UCLA, 


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