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Here is the 10 worst teams in college football, after an eventful week 1.  Last week's ranking in parentheses.

Off the board:  Temple (115):  Hung with a good Navy team, add drew as close as 14-10 in the second quarter.  Actually held the ball longer than the Midshipmen.

110: Notre Dame (NR): Anybody who watched the slaughterfest that was ND's game this weekend can't argue.  An incredible -8 yards total rushing.  3 quarterbacks, all who performed way below par.  And it doesn't get easier from here.  Could go into Michigan in two weeks with both teams sporting 0-2 records.

111: Syracuse (111):  Lost 42-12 to an average-at-best Washington team.  Managed 8 yards rushing, while giving up 302.  The D gave up a total 444 yards to Washington.  Held the ball for 3 minutes longer than Washington, yet only managed 12 points.

112: Stanford (112):  Gave up 624 yards to UCLA in a 45-17 loss.  The defense gave up 338 yards on the ground.  Offense only managed 52 yards rushing and was 4-18 on third downs.

113: Utah State (117):  Lost to UNLV 23-16.  Led 10-3 at halftime, and only lost on a touchdown by UNLV with 1:06 left in the game.  Helped by the fact that UNLV had 12 penalties for 101 yards.  Only 234 total yards.

114: UAB (110):  Got destroyed by Michigan State 55-18.  Gave up 42 points to start the game and trailed at halftime 45-3.  Gave up 529 yards of offense, including 298 yards rushing.  Only managed 25 yards rushing on 31 attempts.

115: Eastern Michigan (114):  Lost 27-3 to a below-average Pitt team.  Only managed 145 total yards, including just 42 rushing.  Also gave up 27 unanswered points after kicking a field goal 3:30 into the first quarter.  Went 3-13 on third downs.

116: North Texas: (113):  Got absolutely manhandled by Oklahoma en route to a 79-10 loss.  Gave up 49 unanswered points to start the game before kicking a field goal with 5:09 left in the third quarter to score their first points.  Managed 15 rushing yards on 31 attempts for a whopping 0.5 yards per carry.  Gave up 669 total yards to the Sooners.

117: Buffalo (116):  Lost 38-3 to Rutgers Thursday night.  Gave up 184 yards and 3 total touchdowns to Heisman candidate Ray Rice, as well as 328 passing yards and 3 TDs to QB Mike Teel.  Didn't score until 3:34 left in the thrid quarter.  Only managed 74 yards rushing against a strong Rutgers D.

118: Duke (118):  Lost to UConn 45-14.  This game was seen as perhaps their only chance to win a game this year, and they got destroyed.  23 yards rushing on 29 attempts for a .9 YPC.  168 total yards of offense.  Led at halftime 14-11 before getting run off the field in the second half.  Gave up 37 unanswered points.

119: Florida International (119):  A team going nowhere.  Lost 59-0 to a ranked Penn State squad.  Managed -3 yards rushing on 31 attempts for a -0.1 YPC.  Lost 5 fumbles and went 1-15 on third downs.  Gave up 549 yards offense, while only managing 114.

I just couldn't put Michigan on here just yet, but look for them if they lose again this week.  ND fans are going to hate me for this week's list, but oh well.  Tune in next week for the week 2 rankings.


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