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These blogs are the new thing, so I had to get in on it.  The 1996 NFL Draft Class was chock full of great NFL wide receivers.  It will be interesting to see where these guys are now.

Keyshawn Johnson/WR/USC
Drafted By:
New York Jets
Pick: Round 1, Pick 1
Current Team: Retired
Career Stats: 814 receptions, 10,571 yards, 13 yards per catch, 64 touchdowns
Career Analysis: He is often regarded to as a bust, but he had a good career, just not compared to some of the players taken later in the draft.  He is 15th on all-time receptions and 23rd on receiving yards.

Terry Glenn/WR/Ohio State
Drafted By:
New England Patriots
Pick: Round 1, Pick 7
Current Team: Dallas Cowboys
Career Stats: 593 receptions, 8823 yards, 14.9 yards per catch, 44 touchdowns
Career Analysis: Glenn had the benefit of being on the Patriots early in his career when Drew Bledsoe was throwing to him.  He has only had four 1000 yard seasons in his career, two with the Cowboys.

Eddie Kennison/WR/LSU
Drafted By:
St. Louis Rams
Pick: Round 1, Pick 18
Current Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Career Stats: 535 career receptions, 8244 yards, 15.4 ypc, 42 touchdowns
Career Analysis: His stats are close to Glenn's, but don't think that they are as good.  Kennison has played on mediocre teams and only has one season where he got over 1100 receiving yards.

Marvin Harrison/WR/Syracuse
Drafted By:
Indianapolis Colts
Pick: Round 1, Pick 18
Current Team: Indianapolis Colts
Career Stats: 1022 career receptions, 13,697 yards, 13.4 ypc, 122 touchdowns
Career Analysis: He is clearly the best wide receiver from this class.  He is top 6 in the three major stats category.  He will be top 2 by the time he retires.

Eric Moulds/WR/Mississippi State
Drafted By:
Buffalo Bills
Pick: Round 1, Pick 24
Current Team: Tennessee Titans
Career Stats: 732 career receptions, 9648 yards, 13.2 ypc, 49 touchdowns
Career Analysis: Moulds has had an up-and-down career.  He was great in Buffalo until Losman started.  Evans has not done well with young QBs.  He threw Losman and David Carr under the bus.  Let's see what he does with Vince Young.

Alex VanDyke/WR/Nevada-Reno
Drafted By:
New York Jets
Pick: Round 2, Pick 31
Current Team: Out of league
Career Stats: 21 receptions, 179 yards, 8.5 ypc, 3 touchdowns
Career Analysis: Not good.  He played 3 seasons.  He averaged 7 catches per season.  A very bad pick with Brian Dawkins, Mike Alstott, and Lawyer Milloy left on the board.

Amani Toomer/WR/Michigan
Drafted By:
New York Giants
Pick: Round 2, Pick 34
Current Team: New York Giants
Career Stats: 561   8157  14.5   47
Career Analysis: Pretty good.  He has lost a step recently, mostly with the addition of Plaxico Burress.  He has been as good as Terry Glenn, who is more well-known than Toomer.

Brian Still/WR/Virginia Tech
Drafted By:
San Diego Chargers
Pick: Round 2, Pick 41
Current Team: Out of league
Career Stats: 83   1181  14.2    2
Career Analysis:
VanDyke-like.  He was a little better, but no one remembers his career.  His 1998 season provided the Chargers with 605 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he never came close to matching that.

Muhsin Muhammad/WR/Michigan State
Drafted By:
Carolina Panthers
Pick: Round 2, Pick 43
Current Team: Chicago Bears
Career Stats: 702   9364  13.3   53
Career Analysis: Moose became a star in 2004 when he caught 16 touchdowns, but in Chicago, he hasn't performed up to those standards.  Maybe if he had a real QB...

Bobby Engram/WR/Penn State
Drafted By:
Chicago Bears
Pick: Round 2, Pick 52
Current Team: Seattle Seahawks
Career Stats: 504   6054  12.0   29
Career Analysis: Engram has been inconsistent in his career.  His career started off slow, then he picked it up in 1998 with over 900 yards.  Now he is just a backup for the Seahawks.

Derrick Mays/WR/Notre Dame
Drafted By:
Green Bay Packers
Pick: Round 2, Pick 56
Current Team: Out of league
Career Stats: 145   1823  12.6   16
Career Analysis: For only playing five years, he wasn't half bad.  His 1999 season was great, especially with the 10 touchdowns, but he only played one more year.  He gets awesomeness points for being a Domer.

Hopefully, Rounds 3,4,5,6, & 7 will be on their way.


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