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One of the biggest upsets in the history of college football occured on saturday.I feel sorry for all who missed it because of the tv companies dispute.The big ten work had a huge game on it's first week of college football broadcasting.I'm a huge Ohio State fan so let me just soak in the moment.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,yeah.Ya know what I almost feel sorry for the Michigan fans,(almost)they had such big hopes coming in to the season.And unless Michigan runs the table the rest of the season they're championship hopes are dashed, let me recap the game.

By Quarter scoring:First 7 by App st 14 by Michigan

second App St 21 Michigan 3

 third App st 3 Michigan 9

fourth App st 3 Michigan 6  

Armanti Edwards was 7/7 passing in first half leading at the half 28-14.And I realized This is gonna be a great game I better keep watching, this was such a good game I almost stopped watching my beloved buckeyes completely.The two teams fought and scraped throughout the second half.In the first half Jerry Moore's spread offense looked great.Plays like lining up two recievers on the left and three on the right and Edwards running direct sneaks right up the middle for good yardage.Screen passes,and spreading the field and running the ball with Richardson,(the running back).What continued to puzzle michigan fans I'm sure was Lloyd Carr keeping Mike Hart on the sidelines and Brandon Minor in the game, it puzzled me but I wasn't complaining.Minor had 13 carries for 50 yards.While Hart had 23 carries for 188 yards.I later learned that Hart had an injury though but he didn't show it.He had an electrifying 54 yard run to put michigan up 32-31 late in the fourth.But back to the mountaineers Early in the second half Edwards didn't  look to good throwing  or running the ball.He had 2 int's in thne second half with a fumble too.And Michigan seemed to figure out App st's spread offense and began to play the D they were capable of.Edwards threw a pass to a freshman reciever wide open in the endzone and he dropped it and Julian Rauch missed a field goal.The Mountaineers missed a few golden oppuritunities in the scond half including when  Leonard Love stopped a Michigan drive with an int returned 26 yards but couldn't make anything of it.Late in the fourth Michigan began a solid drive and moved the ball down the field.They attempted a field goal which was blocked giving App st the all with 1:37  left.The mountaineers ran a couple of effective plays moving the ball down the field.And then Edwards who was finally moving the ball effectively for what seemed to be the first time all half,completed a pass to his leading reciever on the day Hillary to th 5 yard line.Jerry Moore decided not to take any chances kicking the field goal then.With 26 seconds left Julian Rauch kicked a field goal with a chance to gain the lead.He put the field goal through to put App st up,34-32 as his teamates  celebrated the kick which seemingly would give them the win.But Michigan would not give up.After the kickoff michigan had 21 seconds to score.Chad Henne threw a pass that fell incomplete with 15 seconds left.Then on the next play Henne threw a long  pass that was completed to their big play reciever Mario Manningham to about the 12 yard line.There were 6 seconds on the clock for a field goal attmpt by Michigan's kicker Gingell.Gingell has so much pressure on him the coming kick is going to determine if Michigan still will be in the title hunt on the first week of the season!The snap was good the kick was up and Lynch of the Mountaineers blocked it.He then picked it up and ran it back almost to the endzone as he ran out the clock.Mass hysteria broke out as the Mountaineers began to mob Lynch and each other.They carried Coach Moore off the field.It was an exiting game probably the best I've ever seen.It was one of the biggest upsets in college football history.And it had to be for the Mountaineers players one of the best moments of their life while for the wolverine's one of the worst.

Some info I'd like to share:No Division I-AA team has ever beaten a division one ranked team.EVER!And Michigan was #5 in the country.

Appalachian St now has the loingest winning streak in the nation,15 games.

Armanti Edwards was 17/23 passing with 3 tds and 2 int's.227 yards passing and 17 carries for 62 yards and a highlight reel td where he jumps over two wolverines

As  for recievers on App st's side of the ball Hillary had 4 catches for 63 yards including the most important one in the game,Jackson had 3 catche for 92 yards and 2 tds.And Richardson had 24 carries for 88 yards on the ground.Oh yeah Edwards is a sophmore who led the team to the division I-AA championship last year.

As for Michigan; Henne was 19/37 passing for 233 yards 1 td and one int.

Mike Hart had 23 carries for 188 yards and Brandon Minor had 13 carries for 50 yards

As for recieving Mathews had 7 catches for 68 yards and 1 td.Arrington had 4 catches for 52 yards,Manningham 3 catches for 66 yards.

All in all this was a great game sure to be remebered as a great one and one of the greatest upsets in college football history.Congrats Appalachian st you deserved this,it's your time to shine.And to Michigan fans good luck next week we all realize how devistating this is to you. 


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