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My...what a weekend in college football.  I propose that the word flabbergasted be associated with week 1.  It's truly the best word to describe the massive upset that my boy blue suffered, and seeing how I haven't heard the all knowing staff on College Football Live use it, it's perfect.  Seriously, just imaging ol' Lou using that word...priceless.

Now, back to where I was originally going until my train of thought got derailed, let's talk about the kings and jesters of each conference.  When I give my interpretation, I promise to give the most unbiased and subjective point of view you can find. With that being said...let's talk about how great Tennessee looked...Just kidding of course, they looked better than great.

 Now that I have your full attention, we can start.  Let's start with the Big-10, seeing how it's probably the easiest to determine.  As for the biggest loser, and no I am not talking about that show that's just like that other show with Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell, who eventually became bankrupt and had to dabble in porn...just not right.  Michigan takes the cake unquestionably.  I'd almost bet Ann Arbor fans would have rather watched Diamond in his new endeavor than watch the travesty that unfolded on that unforgettable Saturday afternoon.  I am still flabbergasted at the outcome of this game...great word.  Michigans defense looked about as weak as a Division 1-AA team...Alright, ok I am done with the cheap shots, but seriously, it looked bad. 

 As for the best looking team in the Big-10, and I am sure this one will be criticized, I take Michigan State.  State looked good against a decent, or what was supposed to be a decent, team in UAB.  They manhandled Alabama-Birmingham, which if any team would have probably gotten a pass had they not beat there opposing team by 40, it would have been the Spartans, but they did it anyway.  All cylinders of the Spartans game looked sharp.  Stanton's out, and in comes Brian Hoyer who has a great day, who goes 14-17, for 201 yards with an 82.4 completion % and a touchdown.  There rushing game was by far the best part of there game.  Ever hear of a guy named Jehuu Caulcrick??  No? well me either until I got to see the highlights.  This kid was a warrior, with 10 rushes for 93 yards and 4 touchdowns. He had 9.3 ypc average!  That's not all, the team had 298 yards rushing and 295 yards passing! Move over University of, it might be States time to least for a week.

On to the ACC...this one was tough for me, seeing how it is so up and down in this conference.  This was a close one, but as for the biggest loser, I am going to have to take...Florida State.  The seminoles were a team with high hopes, coming off a big victory in the Emerald bowl against a good UCLA team.  Bowden always does a nice job recruiting, but continues to fall short.  His son has taken the Bowden bowl 4 of the last 5 times, which is sad considering that Clemson is usually the underdog.  The first half of that game was pathetic, and Florida States defense looked about as bad get the point.  The offense was equally terrible, considering that besides a 20 yard run from weatherford in the first half, they had more 3 and outs than a over anxious choir boy in the first half. 

On the other side, I am going to have to take the other Bowdens team. Clemson has to be the biggest winner in the ACC.  With the exception of what looked like the choke of the season in the second half, there first half was a sight.  The Tigers backfield is just nasty, flat out nasty.  With the nicknames Thunder and Lightning, Davis and Spiller proved that it's going to be a long year for opposing defenses.  Also, they almost have to take this spot by default, seeing how they started the season unranked, after the worst finish the Tiger faithful could have imagined last year...Losing to Kentucky.

Now, as for the Pac-10, I am going to pull a very predictable move and select Cal as the biggest winner in week 1.  I mean...come on...they beat the best team in college football.  Although I am seething through my teeth as I type this, I have to give credit where credit is due.  They looked amazing on offense, they are exremely dynamic.  With too many talented players to name, that and I have hit my limit of talking about this team, I'll leave it at that.

As for the biggest loser...Stanford.  Harbaugh should actually take the trophy alone on this one, seeing how he has talked more trash than Steven A Smith before he has even played a game.  Alot of hype, and nothing to show for, except for a conference loss by a margin that Spurrier is proud of.

On to the SEC...Goergia gets my vote.  They looked good, seeing how it was popular to take the Cowboys in an upset.  Stafford came out on a mission, which was to silence the critics, and announce "yes, I am as good as the hype".  He did just that.  Richt was a generous man in this game, because the score could have looked alot worse.

Now, some of you will probably say "he is definitely going to take Tennessee for the biggest loser", and I am going to have to tell you "nope, I am not".  While UT obviously dropped the first game against Cal, but I say to you "Tennessee was the underdog!!!".  They were not supposed to win this game, had Cal lossed, they would have been the biggest loser, that's just the way it goes.  Mississippi State gets the nod here.  Croom was already on the hot seat, and with a complete shut out, that seat is now on fire.  State wasn't supposed to win this game, but they damn sure weren't supposed to get shut out on there home turf.  That qb of theres threw 5 interceptions! WOW!  Yes I feel sorry for the kid, but Croom, if you want to keep your job, you better throw favoritism and pity out the window, otherwise, your going to get thrown out the window.

Big-12 My winner here is Oklahoma, man did they look strong all the way around.  Bradford answered the biggest question Saturday, which was "yes they have a quarterback who can play".  This kid threw 21-23 yards for 363 yards and 3 touchdowns!  He was two dropped balls from perfection.  Depth is another key word for the Sooners, how about that running game?  DeMarco Murray is the next coming of running backs, this kid had 5 touchdowns! Of course there first true test is next week against Miami, but they were brilliant in week 1.

Texas is the obvious choice as the biggest loser.  Yes they won, but not by much, which was against Arkansas State...No not Arkansas with McFadden, you have to add the key word State at the end it.  McCoy had a sub-par performance against a mediocre defense at best.  Texas dropped back to #7 in the top 10, and for good reason.  The Longhorns better step it up, otherwise with a performance like Saturday in the future, could mean bad things for the Horns.  They were 1 minute awat from being the second team to fall completely out of the top 25.  They are lucky Michigan took a plunge, otherwise they would be the talk of the town.

 As for the Big-East, I won't pick any of the top teams, strictly because they trounced there ****-wee league competetion.  So for the winner, I take Connecticut. The Huskies beat Duke, which is one of the worst teams in the BCS conferences, but this game could have gone either way.  So theres you a bone Huskies, barry it somewhere for a rainy day, your going to need it.

Syracuse embarrassing there conference.  Wow are the Orange bad or what? There inability to get into the end zone makes for a sad sad day for there fans.  I would honestly not be suprised to see this team barely win 1 game.  The way there schedule is set up...Ouch.  By the way, Appalachian State called, and they would like to add you as there opener, they'd be willing to pay you...


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