Scrooge's Rant

Every week, I will have my picks until the end of the Super Bowl. 


Eagles @ Packers

I'm taking the Eagles in a close one.  The one strength the Packers have is their defense and I expect that defense to keep the game close; however, I think that Jim Johnson's defense will force Brett Favre into some mistakes and that will lead to the Eagles victory.  I'm taking the Eagles in a close, low-scoring game.

Chiefs @ Texans

I like the Texans in a romp.  If the Texans can slow down LJ just a little bit, I expect Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye to feast on Damon Huard throughout the entire game.  The Chiefs are a bad football team and they will show it against the Texans.  As for the Texans, I think that Gary Kubiak has them headed in the right direction.

Steelers @ Browns

I like the Browns to win in a close game.  The Browns are a Week 1 home underdog and you never know how these types of games could play out.  The Browns are one of my sleeper teams and I expect my boy Kamerion Wimbley to have a big game.  I just have this gut feeling that the Browns will win this one.

Panthers @ Rams

I think the Panthers will run right over the Rams.  DeAngelo Williams should have a huge game against that porous run defense that the Rams have.  I also expect the Panthers defensive line to abuse Marc Bulger just like they did last year when they played the Rams.

Falcons @ Vikings

The Falcons will win this one.  I think that the Vikings are a bad team and I don't think that Tarvaris Jackson is the answer at quarterback.  The one thing that the Falcons can do defensively is create pressure on the passer and I expect Jamal Anderson and John Abraham to chew Tarvaris Jackson up and spit him back out.  The one thing that the Vikings can't do defensively is rush the passer and I think that Joey Harrington will play okay enough to give the Falcons a win.

Patriots @ Jets

The Patriots will beat the Jets, but barely.  The one thing that Eric Mangini did better than anyone else last year was motivating his players to play as hard as they possibly could.  The Jets have more talent this year than they did last year and I think that they'll be able to keep this game close until the very end.  Don't forget that the Jets are one of those Week 1 home underdogs.

Dolphins @ Redskins

I think that the Redskins will blitz like hell against that horrible Dolphins offensive line and I think that they'll force Trent Green into some mistakes.  However, I think that the Dolphins defense will do the same to the Redskins.  This is a toss-up.  I don't know who'll win, but I'm taking the Redskins because they're at home.

Titans @ Jaguars

I expect that the Jaguars will kill the Titans.  That Jaguars defensive line will run through the Titans offensive line like a hot knife through butter and I think that the Jaguars front 7 will force the young Vince(hahaha) into some mistakes.  I expect Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to have a big game against a bad Titans defense.

Buccaneers @ Seahawks

I like the Seahawks big in this game.  I think that the Seahawks defense will expose how overrated Jeff Garcia actually is.  I do think that the Seahawks are overrated, but they're a much better team than the Bucs.  Don't forget that Qwest field is always a tough place to play.

Giants @ Cowboys

That new Cowboys defense led by DeMarcus Ware will kill Eli Manning and the Giants offense will struggle against what I think will be an excellent Cowboys defense.  On the other side, I expect Tony Romo to rip apart that Giants defense.  The Cowboys also have a very good running game that will keep the Giants defense off balance.

Ravens @ Bengals

The Ravens defense will physically dominate the Bengals offense and control Carson Palmer.  On the other side, Steve McNair and Willis McGahee will expose the Bengals defense for what it really is(a bunch of guys that can't play).  McNair played very well in the last 10 games of the regular season last year when Brian Billick took over the playcalling duties, that's the kind of play I will expect out of him in this game.

Cardinals @ 49ers

I expect a shootout that will feature two very good offense.  I think that the 49ers will win because their defense is a little better, but not by much.  Don't forget that the 49ers are at home and that should give the 49ers an edge.


I expect the Lions to win in a blowout.  I think that Calvin Johnson will have a huge game where he absolutely tares it up.  Mike Martz will find the weakness in that Raiders defense and attack it and he will also abuse the mismatch of Calvin Johnson against a #2 cornerback(Fabian Washington is a good player, but I think Calvin Johnson will abuse him).  For the Lions defensively, they're playing the Raiders, that's no challenge.  It'll be a really sloppy game with lots of turnovers and bad plays.


I expect this to be a very close game with little defense and for those of you that love shootouts, watch this game.  The one strength of that Colts defense is when they can pin their ears back and let Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis get after the quarterback.  That's why I'm taking the Colts in a really close shootout that comes down to the last possession.

LOCK OF THE WEEK! Bears @ Chargers

This is because Rex Grossman is playing quarterback for the Bears.  Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips will eat Grossman alive.  If you have the Chargers defense on your fantasy team, play them.  The Bears are a good team, but they aren't good enough to stop LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates.  I like the Chargers big at home.

UPSET OF THE WEEK! Broncos at Bills

For some reason, the Broncos always lose their opening game(it could just be because Jake Plummer was playing quarterback over the last couple years).  Not to mention that Buffalo is a really tough place to play.  I think that Marshawn Lynch will have a nice day against the decent Broncos defense and I think that the Bills will be able to do just enough defensively to slow down Jay Cutler.


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