The Thing (Blog) That Should Not Be.

Ok, that was a lame play on words for the title. I know. A Colt, which is a horse, yeah whatever.

I had figured the Indianapolis Colts would win the opener vs the New Orleans Saints. I figured the game would be a shoot out. And I do believe most people did as well.

Colts: 41

Saints: 10

The Saints offense didnt do jack squat tonight. For a team that had the #1 offense in 2006, and hasn't lost anyone of real importance, what happened? The Cover 2 defense by the Colts absolutely swallowed up anything the Saints tried. Nothing was open deep for Brees. Brees was being pressured all night long. The Saints offense only put up 3 points. Drew Brees went 28/41, 192 Yards, 0 TD's, and 2 INT's. And a lost a fumble to boot. That is really bad. And if that isnt enough, Brees only averaged 6.8 Yards Per Pass. WTF?!?! Are you kidding me? John Madden mentioned it several times during the game, at some point it was in the 3's. I already said the Colts werent giving up anything deep, this is proof. The Cover 2 was executed to perfection by the Colts. Maybe, having Bob Sanders at safety really is a difference maker.

Now, as far as what happened between the Colt offense and Saint defense, it's easy to explain. The Saint's defense DREADFUL. I know the Saints run a 4-3 base, but I'm not sure where else they go from there. The corners basically play man-to-man, and that didn't work out. Jason David got burned so many times. He allowed 7 catches, 147 yards, and 3 TD's. He was being turned inside out by both Harrison and Wayne. And then the TE's in Utech and Clark were wide open directly up the middle all night long. And on those plays, along with that post route that Wayne caught for a TD, where in the world were the safeties? I was searching the field, waiting for Harper or Bullocks to come over in help. Nothing. The Saint's had no answers in the 2nd half. Peyton Manning orchestrated his offense with ease, putting up 24 points in the final 30 minutes of the game.

What We Learned From the Colts:

So far, no problems with any of the losses. Losing Tarik Glenn at LT was something that was figured to be an issue. Tony Ugoh is now at that spot, he had his struggles. But overall, the Colt Offensive Line was their usual selves. It doesn't look so far that not having Dominic Rhodes to go with Addai could pose any problems as far as production. But, the Colts got a scare on the first play of the game. Addai got the wind knocked out of him and eventually came back. The 2 guys behind Addai before the game, had never had any NFL carries. If Addai goes down at some point during the season, the run game could be a huge question. And finally, the Colt defense looked impressive against a formidable offense. So far, the Colts still look like a legitimate Super Bowl team.

What We Learned From the Saints:

So far, the defense is not looking to be an improved unit. The pass defense was terrible. The run defense was terrible. Granted, it was against the Colts, and in Week 1. But, the Saints need some help from the defense if they expect to make it to the Super Bowl. Which is where all the guys at have them going. The offense looked out of sync, and had no answers for the Cover 2. Brees had looked crystal clear in the pre-season, and I expect them to get it going soon. I think as soon as Week 2 vs the Titans. I can smell at least 30 points. Overall, Sean Payton and his DC's have a lot of work ahead of them. They must continue to work with that defense. The offense will be there.

And really, who invited Faith Hill? John Mellencamp was a nice way to open things up in the pre-game. But after that, we needed something that would get us pumped for football. And they gave us Faith Hill? Really, I think somebody should have given Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger a phone call.


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