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Well, after the first week it is clear, just as everyone has predicted, that the SEC is the best conference in college football.  Thier only losses were Miss St who lost to fellow SEC member LSU, and Tennessee who was cheated by Cal.  I have no basis of the Cal comment because I didn't watch the game, I just hate the Pac-10 that much.  Oh well, I guess they get credit for scheduling a top 15 opponent and winning by 14, which is more than my Longhorns did against a bunch of rejects no major schools wanted.

Also, it has been deemed that App. State entered the season severly underrated and deserves to be in at the very the least the Big-10.  Ok, not a big Michigan fan, but I will say that if their last 10 games were against App State, Michigan would probably end the season 10-1.  As for the rest of the Big-10 right now, Michigan, has made everybody in the rest of the country not care.

Now, the Big XII.  I hate to say this but thank you Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas Tech and Nebraska.  Yes, A&M won big, but they gave up 400 yards to Montana St.  I am not knocking the Aggies, don't really have the room to brag, since the Longhorns could have lost their game in the last minute to a team that is just as bad.  Thank goodness for blind refs or crooked refs, I don't care which, for not giving Ark St the chance to win.

USC looked good in the Pac-10, but I thought Idaho had a chance when they narrowed the gap to 14 just before the half.  Sure enough though the second half was played and they were not able to stay close.  What upsets me most about this week is that after seeing Cal and Notre Dame play, those are no longer 2 games I feel USC has a chance to lose.  Please Nebraska help the Big XII save face.

I am still not sold on the Big East a an actual BCS conference.  Yes, the have some teams ranked in the top 10, and yes, they have some extraordinary players, but I still believe that they would disappear in the SEC, Pac-10, Big-10 and hopefully one day again, the Big XII.

The ACC (Fla. St.) is still regretting letting Va. Tech into the conference as they have gone from National Title contender year in and year out to losing at home to Wake Forest 30-0.  Maybe they can shake up the basketball world and start upending Duke and North Carolina.

This is my first blog, and I did it just for fun.  Please let me know if I need to quit so I don't leave my day job prematurely.

Game of the week: Appalachian St vs. LENOIR-RHYNE.  If the Bears are able to upset I say replace Miss St in the SEC and see what they can do.

Lesser known game of the week: LSU vs. Va Tech.  In a boring game as far as offense I see LSU winning 5-4 in a game that has 3 safeties and a field goal.


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