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Well, we have another Baseball player suspected of using HGH (Rick Ankiel). Wow, shocker. Thats it! Congress is getting involved and going to clean it up. And the Mitchell group goes on and interviewing past & present MLB players & staff. And yet 30 westlers died in the last 2 years, not a wiff of an investagation into the WWE. And yeah right, there are NO NFL players using somekind of performance enhancing drug.(sigh) 

 The NBA has a little gambling issue on going, so we'll leave them alone for now. But, we must clean up Baseball!!! Well, I have a suggestion, "Let's move on and forget about it". Thats right, I said it. Lets sweep all this steroids stuff right under the rug, because I got news for everybody "It's not going away". There have always been cheaters and you can test all you want, and they are still going to cheat. I understand that Baseball is driven by numbers, and sports like Football, Basketball,etc are not. I mean most people can list Baseball milestones like listing their kids names.

Not alot of people know "Whats the all-time season rushing record, or who had the most points in a single season. But, Baseball is different, it's all about the numbers and thats why it is held in a different light. Okay I can agree with that, but we are never going to know who, what , when & where. We already know the "Why". If anybody has noticed, 99% of the players getting caught using preformance drugs are minor leaguers. And there's the "Why", they want to make it the "Big Show". And once they get into the big leagues, they don't have to use it anymore. And so goes on the Mitchell hunt for the cheaters. He has talked to Jason Giambi and I guess he said something, because Bud Selig gave a Jason gold star on his homework and stated that NO punishment would be handed down to Giambi. Let's all remember that these performance enhancing drugs were NOT illegal in the MLB until just last year. So, how can we go back and say all the numbers that were put up in the 1900's were tainted and give them an *. We can't and thats my point, we have to move on and enjoy the Basball thats being played.

 Who got hurt by Steroids? Attendance is never higher, players are making money like never before, ratings through the roof, balls flying out of the ball parks, people glued to TV sets across the nation and all under Bud Seligs watch and he said & did nothing. Why, the money was rolling in. Then a book comes out and lays out the ugly truth and then and only then (because he had to), Selig & Congress starts to investagate. Now, one of the most feel good stories of the Basball year, the comeback of Rick Ankiel is tarnished because he took HGH in 2004. MLB dosen't EVEN test for HGH! And where was Rick Ankiel in 2004 "The Minor Leagues"! If Baseball isn't even going to test for HGH, why are we even talking about it? I have an idea, lets not talk about it and go back to watching Basball and if Rick Ankeil hits another home run, good for him. Was it because he took HGH, I don't know and really don't care!!!


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