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Virginia Tech rolled into Baton Rouge with hopes of taming the beast. Tech came in, with a lot of questions regarding their offense, and high hopes for their defense.

LSU: 48

VT: 7

LSU jumped ahead very quickly in the 1st Quarter. Scoring 2 TD's on their 1st 2 drives. The Hokies were done at the 5:54 mark of the 1st Quarter. Sean Glennon had no success against the LSU defense. Every time the Hokies lined up on 3rd down, LSU came barreling at them. No success in the air or on the ground. At the half, LSU was up 24-0. Sean Glennon was eventually pulled from the game. The LSU offense was rolling all night long, and did not let up in the 2nd half. Matt Flynn finished 17/27, 216 YDS, and neither a TD or an INT. A very good night for Flynn. The run game was what was so impressive. On ONLY 7 carries, Keiland Williams rushed for 127 YDS and 2 TD's. Do some quick math, and that is 18 YDS per rush! SWEET FANSY MOSES! Jacob Hester also had an impressive night. On 12 rushes, he put up 82 YDS. If you watched him run, he was really bruising and elusive at the same time. After struggling against Mississippi State, the LSU offense looked like a well oiled machine.

Tech put in freshman Tyrod Taylor in the 2nd half and he helped lead the Hokies to their only points on the night. The Hokies finished with 73 YDS rushing, and 76 YDS passing. Brandon Ore probably needed a few extra arms to help paddle his canoe. He finished with 32 YDS on 14 rushes. Taylor, the young QB had 10 more rush YDS than his star RB. This was just a terrible night. An embarassing game.

And an embarassment was NOT what anyone expected. Maybe some drunk LSU fans expected a blow out, but everyone else figured a slow and ugly game. I had figured up something like a 24-9 LSU win. But, wow. Kirk Herbstreit was practically tree hugging LSU all night long with his play by play. Poor Brent Musburger had to keep realing him in. No one, not even Kirk expected a blow out. But that is what we got. And man, did I enjoy it.

Now, USC did not have a game this week. What this makes me wonder is, will LSU jump ahead of them for the #1 spot? Im a LSU fan, but I dont think they should take the jump just yet. And I really dont want it for them. I dont want them to EVER have the #1 spot all year. I want them to stay hungry. I dont want them to get the satisfaction of the #1 seed, and then have any chances of arrogance or looking ahead. Keep this bunch of Bayou Bengal's hungry, and they will end up in New Orleans at the end of the season.

LSU faces Middle Tennessee State next. A team that put up 42 points on Louisville the other night. Now, that just says they are a solid offensive team. But, that wont happen vs LSU. It will be in Baton Rouge, at 8:00 ET. On a Saturday. That is when the Tigers DO NOT LOSE. I expect a beat down. Something like...LSU: 45 MT: 13



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