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The Broncos have a lot of needs that glared at the end of last season. While Orton really struggled at the end of the season, he showed at the beginning that he can be at least serviceable until the right prospect comes along. I consider the biggest needs for the Broncos as (NT, DE(s), ILB, SS, CB, P)

1.Rolando McClain-While NT is the biggest need for Denver, Suh and McCoy will be long by 10th or 11th. The player that is projected to be available at this point is Rolando McClain. He is smart, aggresive, strong, and huge. He is not only filling a need, but he is the best player available at this point. He will become the emotional leader for whichever team he goes quickly. He was the captain of the Defense at Bama as a freshman. Captain of a defense ran by Nick Saban, so you know it wasn't a simple defense.

2.Terrance Cody- Cody's stock as been dropping like a rock so far this offseason, and his loss might be Denver's gain. He is excatly what McDaniels and Martindale want at Nose Tackle. A huge body that does nothing but get in the way. If he isn't available then Taylor Mays out of USC would be a good pick up too. They have both shown the talent to be game changers and could do it again. They are both worthy of a second round pick.

3. Myron Rolle- A small risk here because he was a 1st round talent before his trip to Oxford. The Broncos would be the only team in the league with an Oxford student on the roster. This would be overdoing it at saftey if they get Taylor Mays so I will put another possibility Marshall Newhouse G TCU. He is the right size and McD is still upsizing the O-Line.

4- John Fletcher -The DT for University of Wyoming is under the radar. He led a subdivision team to 4 years of top 20 defense. He is way undersized to play DT at the next level and could be an excellent 3-4 D-End in Denver

5- Mitch Unrein- Fletcher's partner at Wyoming, the 2 have amazing chemistry and have been dominant together for 4 years. Unrein is a little bigger and might get drafted before Fletcher due to his amazing performance in the New Mexico Bowl. (Think that doesn't mean anything? Check Gartrell Johnson, he was gonna be undrafted until that game last year).

My main concern is that the offense wasn't horrible and it was the first season of a very complex system, with a mismatched O-Line, and a rookie RB. They have time to grow, give them a chance. They need to focus on defense.

The 2 picks the Broncos need to stay away from are Jimmy Claussen and Dez Bryant. Jimmy Claussen might be great for a team that has a lot of leadership already because he has no leadership ability. I am afraid Denver will take him thought because Weis is going to talk him up to McDaniels. The only reason Denver should take Dez Bryant is if they get a 1st round pick for Marshall. I've heard that it is possible that some teams are willing to pay that, but unless they do. Don't trade him.


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