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I've been a Knicks fan since 1986. Recently I remember trades like Marbury for multiple 1st round picks that the team still feels.  I remember Eddy Curry for multiple draft picks that the team is still feeling. I remember signing guys like Jerome James and Clarence Weatherspoon. The list goes on and on of guys past their prime, or just not playing well and the team and the fans pay for it for years to come.

This situation is the exception. If it were a poker hand, I'd say I'm all in. Here's why:

1. Stats don't lie. Go on any website and look at Tracy's stats from 2001-2007 when he was relatively healthy. His scoring average stayed consistantly in the mid 20's. 25 ppg, 5.5 assists, 5.5 rebounds is a basketball player. And to do that consistently for 7 years show's how good you are. Players with those stats today would be Brandon Roy, Lebron, Kobe, to name a select few.

2. This is a biggie. If you look at his playoff stats those numbers jump to over 30 ppg, 7assists, and 7 boards. For everyone that says he's a first round playoff loser (myself included), at least the guy makes a hurculean effort. Thats for 7 seasons, so he's no one hit wonder.

3. He's 30. Only 30! I know he's played since high school, but people that played college ball were playing since high school as well, so don't give me that mileage crap. He has at least 4 to 5 seasons left in him. 2 or 3 maybe at an all star level again.

4.  If he comes to the team and plays decent, not great but decent. 20 ppg, maybe he can resign, and not for a rediculous amount, but a modest amount. Maybe he can be the complementary player to the max contract.

5. I like Jared Jeffries hustle. But he scores 6 and his opponent scores 26. I like Chris Duhons pick and roll passing, but he scores 2 and Derick Rose scores 29. When you have 2 starters that get outscored by a combined average of 30 on a nightly basis, something must be done. Tracy McGrady may be a positive swing in that direction.

All said and done, I know the guy had/has bad knees. However you don't pass on a 30 year old 2 time scoring champ that averages 6 assists a game. You just dont do that! If your the Knicks, and your struggling for wins, you should be shot for assing up.  I don't agree with paying all the draft picks for him, but he's a proven commodity.

This is a 30 game tryout, and if he performs well, you are looking at David Lee back next year, Gallo, McGrady, ABC superstar, and a halfway decent supporting cast if they can keep Chandler. Maybe there is hope yet for a Knicks fan.


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