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Just a few observations from the early games (Thursday as well)

Thursday game

Colts 41 Saints 10

Either Peyton Manning was really in the zone or the Saints defense just gave their fans a taste of their complete ineptitude for the whole season. Jason David (formerly of the Colts and one of the Saints biggest acquisitions on defense looked like he didn't belong on the field of play. He looked more like he needed to be riding the bench the way he got burned for not one, not two, but THREE touchdowns. If I were Saints owner Tom Benson I would be demanding my money back because with the way he played he doesn't deserve the money he makes.

Peyton Manning as always was brilliant and Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne really stole the show for Indy. Whoever predicted a high scoring game wasn't kidding one bit.

Sunday games

Green Bay 16 Philadelphia 13

For all of the Philly fans ready to pin the blame on McNabb for this defeat is unfair (to a point) and they should really take a good look at Philadelphia's atrocious special teams. Greg Lewis and recently returned JR Reed just could not hold onto the ball. McNabb's TD pass to wideout Jason Avant and two David Akers field goals proved to be the lone sparkles for an otherwise awful game for the Eagles. Here's hoping that they fix the problems that plagued them against Green Bay and that they'll be better prepared to play when they face Washington next week.

New England 38 New York Jets 14

Looks like the Randy Moss experiment in New England is already working and here's hoping he doesn't become a distraction (so long as Brady keeps throwing him the ball)

Denver 15 Buffalo 14

Talk about a nail biter! Jay Cutler throwing for over 300 yards and a TD against Buffalo ain't too bad. I don't care what anyone says Cutler will be a decent QB in the NFL

Minnesota 24 Atlanta 3

Well I guess we can now officially add Atlanta to the list of teams where Joey Harrington has failed. Year One AV (After Vick) is already starting to look like all of the mediocre seasons Atlanta had BEFORE Vick came to the NFL (except the year they went all the way to the Super Bowl). After a loss like that one the Falcons are in for a long season.

Houston 20 Kansas City 3

For once the Texans actually looked good and for once the Chiefs will probably not even be a force in the AFC West. Guess dumping David Carr for Matt Schaub wasn't totally a bad thing but only time will tell.

Pittsburgh 34 Cleveland 7

I'm sorry but this game wasn't even a contest. It's only a matter of time before Browns fans start calling for Crennel's head after a loss like this one. Big Ben was really good and the Browns D was non existent. Enough said.

Tennessee 13 Jacksonville 10

I wonder if the Jags regret letting go of Leftwich.....hmmmmmm

Carolina 27 St. Louis 13

Steve Smith was good and the Rams made a mistake by sitting Stephen Jackson all preseason. Everyone else had to fight for their roster spot how come he didn't have to?

Washington 16 Miami 13

Maybe Cam Cameron should've let Dom coach this one



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