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All Yee Faithful!

We did it! I was in attendance for a truly great game. We got there early to tailgate and mingle with the faithful, which is always special. Those who havent shared the experience of being a niner fan, I pity the foo. The game started quickly with Frank Gore scoring a touchdown early in the first quarter. However after that things slowed down.

Alex Smith was very uninspiring early in the game, and threw some bad passes, and the good ones were getting dropped. The game was tied up 10-10 at the half, where there was a special ceremony honoring the GREAT ONE, Bill Walsh. To be honest, I was disappointed in the ceremony, as I was expecting something bigger. I remember attending JErry Rice's retirement as a niner, and that was BIG, but this was much smaller. The only truly great niner there was Jesse Sapolu, who was standing next to the forgettable Steve Bono. However, Bill was honored and his name put up on the ring of fame in the stadium...fireworks ensued, greatness proliferated. 

After the half, The Cardinals got back into it and the Edge looked fairly powerful running the rock for AZ. Leinart was getting pressure from our defense for a good ammount of time, and made some plays down the field scoring a touchdown with about 6:40 left on the game clock.  Now, Faithful, the score was 17-13, and we had the ball, we ended up making a few stifled runs and a bad pass or two then we punt....and can you believe it!!!! These so called niners fans got up and walked out!!!! When we were still destined for another possession before the end of regulation! TERRIBLE! SHAME ON THEE, WHO WALKED OUT ON OUR BELOVED NINERS! DONT DOUBT THE HEART OF A CHAMPION!

 So anyway, our defense played inspired and got Arizona off the field with about 2 minutes left for Alex Smith to work his drive down the field to win the game. Smith looked like he seized the moment, moving confidently in the pocket and using his feet to keep plays alive. It was 3rd and long, and Alex went back to pass, stepped up beautifully through the pass rushers and let loose a perfect pass that sailed towards the endzone and RIGHT THROUGH DARREL JACKSON'S HANDS!!! NOOOOOOO!! The Champ thought for sure he was going to have a heart attack! Howeve, Alex Smith showed us all why he is our QB, making a big play on 4th down with a huge run that really made the victory possible. After that he made another great pass, but Arnez Battle FUMBLED it..(we were just a mess), but we recover in the endzone!!! 

For some strange reason the refs say that the ball should be on the 1, which doesnt make any sense, but regardless, our team ran a genius end-around that put us up 3 points with about 20 seconds left on the clock. The Cardinals took the field and then Leinart throws a pass to his favorite target, Larry Fitzgerald, but it is picked in a HEROIC move by the great Shaunte Spencer, which sealed the niner victory, in front of the nation on a day where we honored the great Bill Walsh. 

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