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I'm borrowing an idea from a local Dallas radio personality who always calls his Monday afternoon show "Overreaction Monday". To check out what I mean, go to http://www.espn1033.com and check out Galloway and Co. under podcasts. On the Monday, he takes overreaction to an art form. If the Cowboys win he gets all ecstatic and says "Overreaction Monday! Cows win! Cows win!". Should the Cowboys ever lose, he'll say "Overreaction Monday! Cows stink! Cows stink!" It's never in the middle. So, I thought I'd blog like the mercurial fan reaction the way it always is after one game, world beaters when they win and gloom and doom when the lose; with a twist though. I will blog certain games that I might view as important or overblown. If you like what you read, track my blog and see what I have down each Monday, or Tuesday. (Gotta be fair to the MNF teams). Here are just a few games I had thoughts on. Not that others were less important, but I didn't follow them as much. Fair enough?

Eagles v. Green Bay:

Green Bay's D needs more respect from fandom abroad. The unit is very legit and will keep the team in the game regardless of what happens on the offense. Favre still has it, but seemed to struggle with surrounding talent.

Eagles fans, do not panic just yet. Wait until MNF next week. If you see Lewis or Reed doing KR or PR duties then start spamming the Eagles office demanding cuts and trades. The Eagles defense kept the Birds in it despite some bad errors. The offense was limp. Give props to GB Defense, but one of the top offenses last year should have done more with McNabb and Westbrook in the backfield. Look for development of both to come or they're out of the picture.

Cowboys v. Giants:

Both teams did pretty well offensively. It begs the classic chicken/egg debate though. Were the offenses that great, or were the defenses just that plain horrible. To be fair, I'll say a little from column A and a little from column B.

The Cowboys defense was hampered by two key injuries: Terrence Newman, whose absence proved he is the Cow's secondary, and Greg Ellis, whose absence was not felt as hard as Newman's. The sad part for the Cowboy's D is that they have lost their NT, and the depth at that position is terrifyingly thin. In the 3-4 you need a good, solid widebody to eat up blockers like Godzilla does to taxi cabs. Bright spots for Dallas D? Anthony Spencer looks legitamate, and a real up and comer. I haven't played. But I can only imagine the transition it takes to go from college to pros and then have to learn a whole other position. The dark cloud to the D's silver lining? Jaques Reeves has a very steep learning curve, and might earn the nickname "Toast" if he doesn't get more help from Williams in the secondary, IMO. But who knows. He might pick up the game as he goes along, and Newman might be back sooner than later.

Giants: Give kudos to Eli Manning for putting up a valiant fight and putting up some major yards on the Cowboys. Who can say what would have happened if he hadn't received that contusion late in the game? Another game changing injury ocurred to Brandon "gonna wup you" Jacobs, who unfortunately could not deliver on his promise. But he sure did give it the old college try didn't he? He's definitely a load who can carry defenders. As to when he'll actually be able to give it a try again, I don't know. I haven't checked the Giants injury list. All I know is that the Giants D looked chaotic. Maybe they're still learning how to implement the new system of Spags. It was odd to see that Strahan seemed to be the biggest force on the D. I'll move on to my final choice, there's plenty to be said about this game, that there isn't time or space for....

Colts v. Saints

Colts: So much gloom and doom was prognosticated for the Colts because of FA defections and losses at DT. Corey Who? Booger what? Cato and who else? To me, this game proved that Dungy's Tampa 2 is a good system where good role players can make a defense work sans large names and high prices. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, and Addai proved they still have it. They exploited many areas of the Saints defense, mainly one former teammate who was still playing like he was on a Tampa 2 D. Indy fans should be proud and happy. But let's also temper this elation with the thought that there are 15 more games for the Colts out there to win, and they have a long road to travel. Still, great job!


I'm sure the resilient fans of the Saints already know not to despair yet. But let me say it anyway. One game does not make a season. For some reason it looked like the Colts had an answer to the Saints offense. The Colts offense knew from personal experience which DB to attack, and benefitted from it. But even that last drive that ended in a TD pick proved to me that Brees and Co. still have a high octane offense. I believe that Coach Sean Payton is an extremely capable coach who will be able to make adjustments. They may still prove to be one of the premier teams of the NFC.


Other thoughts: MNF

Cincy: Where was the Popcorn and Nacho worthy celebration Ocho- Cinco? Very anti-climatic. Otherwise it was an entertaining game by a resurging team. The second MNF game could not hold my attention, but that's another story for another blog.

Ravens. If not for the turnovers (can't we always say that about every game of every team?), it was a hard fought game. The Raves didn't give up. Ray Lewis' injury looks troubling. Reed proved once again why he's a premeire DB in the league. No offense to the hard work of both teams, but that offensive interference at the end of the game was a hose-job to the Raves. There should have been a review or retraction. I hope that ref and his team do not get a high grade that will allow them to officiate better games and playoffs. Just horrid.

What do you think? Am I off, need more info. or substance? I'm always looking for honest but constructive (useful) criticism, not to mention comments. Please drop a line in the comment box if you view this. Much thanks. 



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