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Leader Board cleanup...

Are you sick of seeing people get on the leaderboard and then not do anymore throwdowns?

Perfect Examples: Sox4Life and Gator4Life.

So starting today through the week I will send out a challenge to each person on the leaderboard and I am willing to bet you that out of the 8 people up there maybe 1 will accept.

I will be sending out challenges to the following people

 Sox4Life (and don't think he isn't still on this site he just made  his nfl picks for week 2 in our nfl pick em group)

Next I will send out a challenge to Gator4Life - Doubt he will accept, his profile should be deleted for no activity

OregonUte is next but I doubt he will either. This guy has a throwdown that he is losing in and won't finish it because he is afraid to get his first loss. Dont believe me check it out
he hasn't responded in a week because he is losing and he admits to it in the comments section.

Next up, hyperRevue. He is a credible guy so he might accept

After him TheSportsGuy. He was active as of last week no reason he shouldn't accept. Will he? probably not

Then sooner31, another guy that got on the leaderboard and vanished

mj122345mcm is next but this seems like a waste because this guy hasn't done anything since may. So I might not waste my time.

The only guy missing is AdamLee, now let me first say I respect AdamLee and I understand why he isn't as active anymore. I also would not want to just send him a challenge because he gets enough of them. But I will send this blog to him and he can read it and if he wants to we can throwdown also.

I am not going to duck anyone. I'm tired of guys who get that 11th win just sitting on it so they can sit on the leaderboard when you have guys who are VERY active like Kentuckyfan1, Ravensfan, Detroitfan, Elway4Prez, Nomarfan, Steelercooz, Roger_Goodell and B0mb3rs are no where to be found because even though they have great records they will never be recognized on the leaderboard because the guys I named above refused to throwdown.

Now I have been quoted saying and I still believe that the leaderboard is not important. But if it's gonna sit there for everyone to see everyday and FanNation wont fix this problem with it then the only other way is for me to try and clear these people out. But like I said because 6 out of the 8 are not credible they probably won't accept and I wind up just wasting my time.

I am willing to lose my spot up there because to be honest I could care less but hopefully I can pave the way for some of the deserving guys and make an example of these waste of space up there.

Let me know what you guys think.

 Also AdamLee if you come across some free time and would ever like to throwdown feel free to contact me but like I said I will not pressure you and send challenges.
April 9, 2011  05:47 PM ET

i dont know how i just came across this, but wow how things have changed since '07. its now '11 and you dont have weeks to reply. how long did u have before? obviously its now 24 hours. leaderboard requirments have changed too.. wow.. way back in the day when ncshvdavid only had 80 wins...


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