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September 15th, 2007. A day action packed for sports. I looked at my DirecTv schedule today, saw nothing much. Then I decided to check out Saturday. I scrolled all the way over to Saturday, and OMG!!! All at 3:30 ET...

Notre Dame at Michigan (ABC)

#22 Tennessee at #5 Florida (CBS)

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox (FOX)

What the hell am I supposed to watch?!?!?!?!?! I HATE Michigan and Notre Dame, but I feel compelled to watch that game. I want to see what Mike Hart does. Will he be on a rampage to follow up on his guarantee? How will Michigan's offense fare without Chad Henne? Will Notre Dame finally figure out which one of their quarterbacks will lead the offense? Basically, BOTH teams need the win. They need it for themselves and their fans. Then, I am a HUGE LSU Tigers fan. So, I need to watch the Florida at Tennessee game to do some scouting. Plus, that's just a big game!!! Florida is trying to defend their title, and it starts now with Tennessee. If Florida loses that game, they might be out of the National Championship picture. They can still recover and make it to the SEC Championship and then maybe a BCS game. If Tennessee loses, they are more than likely out of the Top 25 and won't have a shot at the SEC Championship. If Florida wins, they keep on truckin' through their title defense and give themselves a shot at moving up in the polls. If Tennessee wins, that's redemption for the loss at Cal. They can get back in the hunt in the SEC. Then, I'm part of Red Sox Nation. I MUST watch the Yankees at Red Sox game. This is the game I will more than likely be watching the most. I'll flip back and forth between commercials, but this is where the party is at!!! Boston has a 5 game lead on the Yankees. This one features Beckett and Wang. This is THE RED SOX VS THE YANKEES.

Honestly, this is so COOL and so TERRIBLE at the same time. It's a sports frenzy, but then it creates such a pickle. Again, what the hell am I supposed to watch?!?!?!

Well, the only other thing I can do with this blog is bust out with some predictions...

Notre Dame at Michigan 3:30 ET (ABC)

Notre Dame's Last Game: 31-10 Loss to Penn State

Michigan's Last Game: 39-7 Loss to Oregon

My Prediction: Notre Dame: 24 Michigan: 17

Chad Henne is supposed to be out for the game. And Mike Hart is gonna have to be the workhorse. Notre Dame is playing flip flop with their QB going from Jones to Clausen. Clausen did well managing their last game, despite not really leading the offense to a lot of points. He might be catching a break by getting Michigan, and their terrible defense. The defense has allowed a bucket load of points in their last 4 games, all instances over 30 points. So, he might do well. He showed he has potential, and I give him a pretty good shot vs Michigan. It's in the Big House, and I don't think that even matters very much anymore. After Appalachain State and Oregon walked out with victories leaving the crowd SILENT, Notre Dame can handle their business. Mike Hart will more than likely rack up 150+ YDS on the ground, but I just don't see Michigan doing much without Henne. They didn't do anything vs Oregon when he went down.

#22 Tennessee at #5 Florida 3:30 ET (CBS)

Florida's Last Game: 59-31 Win Over Troy

Tennessee's Last Game: 39-19 Win Over Southern Miss

My Prediction: Florida: 30 Tennessee: 27

Tennessee has problems in their secondary, so I think Florida's Tim Teabow will capitalize. Teabow has looked incredible so far this season. 31-42, 73.8 Completion Percentage, 536 YDS, 6 TD's, and 0 INT's. Outstanding. This one is in the Swamp, and it's going to be loud. I don't see Florida rolling over Tennessee's defense quite like they have in the first 2 games, but at least putting up some points. Eric Ainge has also looked pretty good this season. 55-83, 66.3 Completion Percentage, 547 YDS, 5 TD's, and 0 INT's. Also, outstanding. I expect Tennessee to show up with a heavy dose of Arian Foster on the ground, and then have Ainge do his thing. Neither defense's have looked great so far this season, so it can be easy to see this will be a shootout. I like Florida with a big time win at home.

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox (FOX)

Boston's Last Game: 5-4 Win Over Tampa Bay

New York's Last Game: 4-1 Win Over Toronto

Pitching Matchup: Josh Beckett vs C.M. Wang

My Prediction: Boston: 4 New York: 3

The Sox aren't the hottest team in baseball right now. But David Ortiz is hot. I can see Wang looking good for the majority of his start, getting a few 1-2-3 innings but then by the end of his time on the mound giving up a Big-Papi smash. I think Beckett will pitch extremely well. I see him matching Wang all the way into the 7th. Both guys giving up 1 or 2 runs. The Yanks offense is being led by the inhuman Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has 8 HR's in his last 10 games, and I see one on Saturday. Im pulling for Boston, and I think they have their best shot to win a game on Saturday. I think Boston would have lost Game 1. Dice K isn't looking good at all as of late.

To me, the game that will end up being the MUST SEE is the Florida at Tennessee game. SEC football is nasty. SEC football is led by hard nosed defense and bone crushing running attacks. In this game, you won't see much defense and maybe a little bit of running. You want a shoot out? You got one! I cant wait to flip back and forth between commercials from the Yanks/Sox game to see Eric Ainge hit a WR in the endzone.


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